Married at First Sight Australia may have finished months ago but Olivia Frazer is still carrying on about Domenica Calarco and the whole nude photo scandal.

In the latest instalment of ‘WTF is going on with the MAFS cast?’, Olivia has claimed that the entire nude photo scandal was staged by producers.

Come again?

mafs 2022 olivia frazer
Olivia Frazer has suggested the explosive nude photo scandal was set up by MAFS producers. Source: Nine.

Olivia Frazer Speculated the Nude Photo Scandal Was SET UP By MAFS Producers

Yurp, the bride – who was accused of sourcing a racy photo of her co-star and distributing it amongst the cast – has “set the record straight” during an Instagram Q&A.

Firstly, she reiterated that she was NOT sl*t shaming Domenica and sure, Jan. She also maintained that the image was not sourced from OnlyFans, but rather Twitter and/or Reddit..

AKA, she didn’t nab it from behind a paywall but did still share someone else’s nudes amongst a group of people. Gotcha!

Then, Olivia spruiked the theory that the entire nude photo incident was set up by producers – despite admitting that she had been given the images from someone outside of the experiment. Aaaand before that, having claimed she found them herself after “googling” Domenica.

The former driving instructor speculated that producers were aware of Domenica’s OnlyFans account. She theorised that they WANTED the other contestants to find the images.

domenica mafs tv show hosting gig
Olivia had shared around nude images of fellow bride Domenica Calarco. Source: Nine.

She claimed the other newlyweds “never sl*t shamed” Domenica and, “were just questioning why she was allowed to have open social media pages when everyone else had shut theirs down.”

“We were wondering if producers had left it up on purpose to maybe create a storyline.

“We just had the Simon Blackburn scandal. I think producers intentionally left it all up as entrapment to create a storyline, which they got.”

Look, we don’t doubt that MAFS producers are meddling and probably a tad evil, but why would they EXPECT other newlyweds to go looking for dirt on their castmate? Only a bully would do that – oh wait…

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Watch Olivia’s Full Claims Here:

Olivia Posted a Cryptic Message About the Scandal

Olivia’s rogue claims that the nude photo scandal was staged come only a week after she took to Instagram with a cryptic Stories post.

“The truth is coming out finally,” Olivia captioned a screenshot of an article in which Domenica said that the images had come from an external social media site and not from behind the OnlyFans paywal.

She added: “Redemption is on the horizon.”

Olivia said that “redemption is on the horizon”. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

Olivia’s Post Came After Domenica Spoke Out About the Issue Last Week

Olivia’s post about the nude photo scandal came after her MAFS rival took to Instagram to say her piece and set the record straight last week.

Speaking to her followers from her car on Friday morning, Domenica said she “wanted to put a full stop to this whole conversation.”

“I never once said it came from OnlyFans,” she clarified. ” I knew it came off the internet – I never said it came off OnlyFans. So, let’s just get that straight.”

The reality star said that the “issue” and “why it has caused such a conversation” was “what the image was used for and how it caused pain and hurt.”

The 29-year-old clarified that her pain stemmed from the way the image was used with the “intent to cause [her] harm.”

The situation is being investigated by police, Domenica confirmed.

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