Domenica Calarco does not hold back, and clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because her mother, Anna Maria, has taken a subtle swipe at her Married at First Sight Australia 2022 rival Olivia Frazer.

On Thursday night, Mama Calarco posted a compilation of photos to TikTok. In a move that has left us befuddled (and LOL-ing), she opened the video with a screenshot of Olivia attending Australian Fashion Week.

This would seem innocuous except for the following things: one, Domenica and Olivia are still beefing (duh). Two, Olivia’s whole a*s is out in the photo.

She followed Olivia’s cheeky ‘fit pic with a snap of her daughter in a similar evening gown, looking boujee AF.

While we are not shaming the 27-year-old for exposing her bum for the camera (vibes, tbh), we are wheeze-laughing over this unexpected shade.

Also: the TikTok is set against the backing music of Labyrinth’s ‘Forever’ from Euphoria and also includes a bunch of other seemingly random pics.

Chaotic? Shady? Wholesome? All of the above?

This Isn’t the First Time Domenica’s Mum Has Shaded Her Costars

This was not the first time Anna Maria has defended her daughter online.

Following the explosive MAFS Couples Retreat, Anna Maria took to social media to drag Olivia and Carolina Santos for their treatment of her daughter.

What was originally planned to be a chill girls’ night quickly turned into the most chaotic scenes we’ve seen from MAFS 2022. The episode ended with Domenica shattering a wine glass after Olivia repeatedly asserted that she was “too loud” and “aggressive”. As expected, fans went off.

However, it wasn’t just MAFS fans who wanted to get in on the action, but MAFS mums too, with Domenica’s personal hype-woman, Anna Maria, speaking her mind.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, the mother of the bride posted a homemade meme in support of her daughter.

Over an image of Domenica in her wedding gown, Anna Maria penned: “In a world full of Carolinas, be a Domenica.” And true dat!

domenica mum instagram post
Domenica’s mum showed her support for her daughter on Instagram. Source: Instagram @annamarialoves.

While we are absolutely LIVING for this support, we can’t get over the 2013 meme format she used, too. Bless.

In a subsequent post, Anna Maria posted a pic of the TV. The screen was displaying Olivia mid-mean girl head shake (you know the one), simply captioned: “Twitch”.

She also mused whether Carolina was really comfortable in the experiment as she made out to be. Alongside a snap of the Brazillian bride, Domenica’s mum wrote: “Are you comfortable…. really??”

Married at First Sight‘s Domenica Reveals Why She Was So Triggered By Olivia’s Comments

In an interview with KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Domenica confessed why Olivia’s comments about her voice were so cutting.

“It really got to me. My whole life, being told about my voice… that I’m loud, that I’m outspoken, you know, change the way you are, the way you are isn’t good enough,” she recalled. “It really triggered me.”

domenica calarco married at first sight australia 2022
Married at First Sight‘s Domenica Calarco said she was “triggered” by Olivia’s comments. Source: Nine.

Chatting to hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson, Domenica said Olivia’s behaviour at the Couples Retreat revealed her “true colours”.

“In this experiment, we’re there to challenge ourselves,” she said. “I think she just really showed her true colours.”

Adding that she’s “got a good bullsh*t detector”, something wasn’t adding up about Olivia from day dot.

“I just thought okay, like face value. She seems really nice and stuff, but then there would be little comments that I would think ‘oh, okay, this is not really adding up to… the person that she’s trying to portray.”

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