After her antics on Married at First Sight 2022 have made her public enemy number one, it is no surprise that those who have crossed paths with Olivia Frazer are taking to the internet to share their experiences with the controversial bride.

Whilst some of her nearest and dearest have jumped to her defence, others have doubled down on reports that she is a habitual “mean girl”.

One of these people is TikToker and should-be-comedian Ella Avni. Ella took to social media to expose Olivia for being a sh*t human driving instructor.

MAFS olivia frazer 2022
MAFS‘ Olivia’s ex driving student has exposed her on TikTok. Source: Nine.

A TikToker Has Exposed MAFS Olivia’s Capabilities As a Driving Instructor

In a TikTok (which has garnered 45.6k views in less than 24 hours), Ella revealed that Olivia was hired to teach her, as well as several of her friends, how to drive.

“All of my friends and I had her as a driving instructor,” she said. “She would ask about like, what was happening.”

Ella continued: “We would obviously tell her about our lives and that eventually evolved into her probing about our friends who she teaches… and getting involved in our high school drama.” Lol.


Reply to @darlingdivine69 here is the story time xoxoxo

♬ original sound – Ella 😳

The TikToker revealed that she wouldn’t tell Olivia “anything” because she knew “she would just relay it” to her friends that she also taught.

“Basically she would just hear this stuff, put it into her little brain then scramble it up into something mean, then spit it out at the other person,” Ella said.

“It just caused a lot of drama,” she added.


A TikToker Has Revealed That Olivia Told Her About The Bridesmaid Story

By this point, it’s clear that MAFS’ Olivia LOVES talking about her days as the bridesmaid dress bandit.

ICYMI: Olivia cut up a bridesmaid dress and mailed it back to the bride after she was booted from the wedding party. She has told f*cking EVERYONE on the show about it – including her hubby Jackon Lonie‘s friends.

Welp, turns out Liv was flapping her gums well before MAFS even began! The Central Coast local even went so far as to tell her driving students about the incident.

“I know on MAFS she tells the bridesmaid dress story a lot,” Ella said. She added, “She told me that story like EIGHT times when she was teaching me out to drive.”

FFS – Olivia, that really isn’t a story to be proud of, you know?

Turns Out Olivia Was a Pretty Sh*t Driving Instructor

Not only did the MAFS bride get involved in her students’ high school drama, but Olivia wasn’t even a great driving instructor.

In her TikTok exposé, Ella revealed that she failed her driving test “multiple times because she didn’t actually teach [Ella] how to drive”.

MAFS 2022 Olivia Frazer
Turns out MAFS Olivia Frazer was not the best driving instructor. Source: Nine.

The TikToker rounded out her video with probably the truest statement EVER: “I’m not surprised she went on the show because only a crazy person has the balls to go on MAFS.”

True dat.

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