During a Q&A on her Instagram stories, Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has finally admitted that she lied about the experiment’s infamous glass-smashing incident.

The controversial bride admitted that she hadn’t told the whole truth when she said that Domenica Calarco had “waved a smashed glass in her face” during the show’s Couples Retreat.

In response to a fan who asked if she still thought “Dom waved a glass in your face,” Olivia admitted that she had lied.

“She stood up, she said something, then threw [the glass] down in front of Ella [Ding],” she said.

“So no, that was just the adrenaline talking because I was sh*t scared.”

However, in a later response, she said that she wished the police had been called at the time of the incident. She alleged that at the time production convinced her not to take any action.

Olivia Reveals the “Truth” About the “OnlyFans” Photo Scandal

During her Q&A Olivia clarified what actually happened to instigate MAFS 2022’s explosive nude photo scandal.

ICYMI: Olivia found a racy photo of Domenica during the experiment and distributed it amongst the other cast members.

During her Q&A, Olivia clarified that it was “not an OnlyFans photo” but rather “a photo that was posted on Reddit and Twitter to advertise her OnlyFans.”

mafs 2022 olivia frazer
Olivia set the record straight about the nude photo scandal. Source: Nine.

She claimed that she did not “send it to everyone” and only showed the people she was with when she “was sent” the pics. So Dramatic! understands that this is not actually the case.

Olivia maintained that she had not sought out the pics, but rather a friend had found them and forwarded them to her. This is despite her telling Tamara Djordjevic that she had “googled” Domenica during the show.

Olivia maintained that the scandalous images were “not behind a paywall”.

She added, “no one was sl*t shaming [Domenica],” and the cast “were just questioning why she was allowed to have open social media pages.”

Again, she missed the real issue with the entire scandal, which was not that she had even accessed the images, but the fact that they were shared around behind Domenica’s back with the intent to shame and embarrass her. Ugh.

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Olivia “Is Happy For” Domenica

They may have been arch rivals during MAFS, but in her Q&A Olivia said she “is happy for” Domenica.

“She is killing it, I’m really happy for her, I’m definitely going to buy that orange set from Showpo,” the former bride said, referring to Domenica’s recent clothing collaboration.

“Nothing but well wishes coming from me. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’ll say it until I’m out of breath.”

Why Olivia Still Talks About Domenica

During the Q&A, which is one of many Olivia has done in the weeks since gaining back control of her Instagram, one follower asked Olivia why she is still “going on about Dom and other cast members on podcasts?”

Olivia replied that it was simply because people keep asking (“duh”).

She then gave us a fight-or-flight-inducing head bobble, just for good measure.

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