Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Jack Millar has admitted to speaking to former groom Bryce Ruthven before the series premiered.

After Olivia Frazer announced that Jack had sought help from Melissa Rawson’s baby daddy on “how to be a villain” during an interview with the Where’s Your Head At podcast, Jack has now admitted he DID chat to Bryce.

As discussed with host Megan Pustetto in part one of a tell-all series during episode 185 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jack revealed that he spoke to the season eight star “briefly”.

“I did speak to Bryce briefly,” Jack said. “The guys [production] got me in contact, and I was like, ‘yeh, I’ll speak to someone from last year’.”

According to Jack, “all I wanted to know” was what life looked like after the show.

“It wasn’t advice on ‘how to be a villain’,” he dished. “I wanted to know what the hell life looked like once you’re on TV. What happens when I walk down the street. What do I have to do? Do I do radio? Stuff like that. I didn’t know.”

jack millar married at first sight
“It wasn’t advice on ‘how to be a villain’,” Jack said about his talk with Bryce. Source: Instagram.

Jack then admitted confessed that he hadn’t watched last season, and had no idea what the former MAFS villain was really like.

While it was an odd pairing, Jack said that he was “perplexed by most of this”, because he knew what his edit would be like.

“I actually had no worries in my head about how I was going to be portrayed because I knew that I was me. At the end of the day, they could have flipped it, but I was strong to who I was.”

Jack Revealed the Truth Behind Olivia and Domenica’s Relationship

Of course, being Married at First Sight, there is also a yuge bout of editing that takes place — however, Jack declared that we got to see the “biggest parts” of Olivia’s relationship with his bride, Domenica Calarco.

“There were another couple of incidents that would have occurred throughout the show, but you saw the bigger ones,” he said.

“The way that relationship played out, they could have had a small talk early on — but that’s as much as their relationship was — they were friendly, but they weren’t friends, and that’s why the relationship ended up where it was.”

domenica olivia final dinner party drama
Jack said we got to see the “biggest parts” of Olivia’s relationship with his bride, Domenica Calarco. Source: Nine.

Domenica Never Told Jack to F*ck Off

During her chat on the Where’s Your Head At podcast, Olivia said that during a particularly tense night of filming, Domenica told “the producers and Jack to f*ck off”.

When quizzed about it, Jack became increasingly confused.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

While Dom was frustrated at the time by the film crew ignoring her, when she asked to talk to her producer, she never spoke to her on-screen husband that way.

“She never told me to f*ck off. I’m so confused,” he added.

Well, there you have it folks!

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