Olivia Frazer has continued her streak of being the most controversial contestant to come out of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 by making some wild claims during an “Ask me Anything” series on her Instagram stories.

As a result of her role in the experiment’s nude photo scandal, the 27-year-old is currently the subject of a police investigation. So, you would think she would stop making wild claims and let the public backlash die down a little, right? WRONG!

mafs 2022 olivia frazer
MAFS‘ Olivia Frazer hosted an Ask Me Anything on Instagram. Source: Nine.

Instead, MAFS‘ resident bridesmaid bandit went rogue on the ‘gram, slamming her rival Domenica Calarco, exposing trolls and alluded to a “stabbing” joke that was axed from the show’s final edit.

Olivia Claims She DOES Have Empathy

In response to one fan who asked the question on everyone’s minds —”do you have empathy?” — Olivia claimed that she had been set up by MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla.

“I absolutely have empathy,” the former driving instructor said. “What viewers didn’t get to see was Alessandra had just insulted me for five minutes straight and told me all the ways I didn’t have empathy.”

“I just wanted Alessandra to stop… When you get to a point where you have been beaten down to a point where you want somebody to stop going for you and you’ll do anything. That was me.”

She later slammed the other experts, Mel Schilling and John Aiken.

mafs experts australia 2022
Olivia slammed the MAFS experts. Source: Nine.

“They literally just have earpieces in repeating whatever producers tell them to say… They’re not there to give advice or help anybody’s relationships. They’re just there to solidify whatever storylines the producers are conjuring up.”

Olivia Revealed Her Biggest Regret From the Show

It’s safe to say that when it comes to regrets from Married at First Sight, Olivia has a good crop to choose from when it came to her biggest.

“I have a lot of regrets,” she began. “My biggest one is not leaving when I felt unsafe.”

“For everything I did wrong I have apologised. You guys just didn’t get to see it.”

Ah yes, blaming the edit again!

Speaking of blaming the edit, the bride added: “I do absolutely take accountability for everything that I said, I always have, I always did, you guys just never got to see it.”

“I am friends with most of the cast still… If I was as awful as I was on TV, would I have walked away with so many friends?”

She proceeded to rattle off names that she is still friends with, including Tamara Djordjevic, Jessica Seracino and Samantha Moitzi. Do with that info what you will…

Elaborating on the whole “edit thing,” when a follower probed as to the true story behind her infamous bridesmaid dress anecdote, Olivia maintained: “It’s a very long story, the dress thing. MAFS didn’t do it justice.”

mafs 2022 olivia frazer
Olivia claimed her portrayal was a result of an intentionally bad edit on the show. Source: Nine.

She also added that her row with hubby, Jackson — in which she told his friends he can’t be going to the gym because “she’s his world now” — was actually about him going on benders and had been edited to appear otherwise.

“They were two situations that were edited to make me look like some evil control freak,” she said.

Olivia Claims Someone Made Reference to Her Being “Stabbed” But It Was Never Aired

One fan asked Olivia: “If we never got to see you apologise, why were you like that at the reunion?”

The TV bride replied by claiming that the cast was shown different footage of the glass-smashing incident to what was shown on TV.

Olivia claimed that Selin Mengu said that Domenica Calarco should have stabbed her with a wine glass.

Selin [Mengu] had said that Dom should have stabbed me. So, I lost the plot and that’s why I was balling my eyes out the whole reunion.”

So Dramatic! has reached out to Selin for comment.

Olivias Revealed Her and Jackson’s Plans For the Future

Olivia confirmed in her Instagram AMA that she and her MAFS hubby were still together after doubt arose following Jackson giving their cast member Tamara a lap dance last weekend.

jackson olivia mafs final vows
Olivia confirmed she and Jackson Lonie are still together. Source: Nine.

She added that they plan to travel and buy a house. And, while she is “clucky,” having kids is “a long term goal rather than a near-future” thing.

Olivia Reveals MAFS Left Her Struggling With Her Mental Health

Olivia revealed during her AMA that the fallout from Married at First Sight left her struggling with anxiety and depression, “as a result of the trolling.”

She also said that she would not recommend anyone go on the experiment.

“I got the love of my life, I got what I came for and, I still would say do not do it.”

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