We may be nearing the end of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, but the action is not over yet. The final MAFS Commitment Ceremony was as explosive as ever, quenching not only our thirst but Twitter’s thirst for drama.

Last night we saw our beloved Al Perkins and Samantha Moitzi tap out of the experiment while, somehow, Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello remained.

But TBH, no one really cared about who wrote “leave” and “stay” because Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco’s feud came to an explosive head and it was THE Twitter talk of the final MAFS Commitment Ceremony.

Domenica Confronted Olivia Prior to the Commitment Ceremony

Prior to the dumpster fire that was the Commitment Ceremony, Domenica and Jack Millar *popped in* to visit their arch-nemesis Olivia and her hubby Jackson Lonie.

The convo followed the dinner party revelation that Olivia had digi-stalked Domenica, found a racy OnlyFans pic of the bride, and distributed images from it around the group.

The feisty Italian marched down to Olivia’s flat to ask her WTF the go was, but after Kween Dom called her out on her BS, Olivia shut the door in her face.

Meanwhile, Cody Bromley apologised to Selina Chhaur for “making a mess” at the preceding dinner party which is the biggest understatement ever.

Dom and Jack Start On the Couch

Domenica and Jack kicked off the couch confessionals. MAFS expert John Aiken cut straight to the chase and asked about the “nude photo scandal“. Subtle…

Domenica confessed that she did feel there was malicious intent behind the sharing of the pics. Duh!

John then “went to the source” and asked Olivia to please explain herself. She maintained that her *friends* found the pics and she forwarded them to Selina. Still, the bride could not offer an explanation as to why TF she would do that.

Naturally, John gave her the school principal stare — which we have seen far too often at the MAFS Commitment Ceremonies this season — much to Twitter’s delight.

Olivia Maintained Her Innocence at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Olivia maintained that she “didn’t think it was a big deal” and John called her TF out AGAIN. As he should!

She said she felt her “honesty” was being “poo-pooed”. Huh?

MAFS Twitter collectively rolled their eyes at her admission — and we can assume she would have rolled her eyes right back.

John Asked the Group If They Saw the Problem With the Pic Being Circulated

John asked the collective if ANYONE saw an issue with a photo being circulated around the group without the person knowing. 

He reiterated that the issue was not the image, but rather the gossip and ambush that underpinned it.

As Twitter acknowledged, this year’s MAFS Commitment Ceremonies have seen principal John come out far too many times. However, this time it was pretty justified…

Domenica and Jack Revealed Whether They’d Stay or Leave

Australia’s new royal couple, Dom and Jack, revealed that they had both opted to stay in the experiment which means we’ll see them make it to the final vows. F*ck yeah!

Also, there are no more Twitter-dividing MAFS Commitment Ceremonies for them to face which, at this point, they must be stoked about.

Olivia and Jackson Were “Welcomed” to the Couch

From Australia’s pride and joy to our national disgrace (with every other couple in between), Olivia and Jackson took their seats on the Commitment Ceremony couch and MAFS Twitter was seething before they’d even opened their mouths.

Firstly, Jackson tried to defend his TV wife, while Olivia admitted that her sharing someone’s nudes around had bought the pair “closer”. Wot?

John claimed he’d beg to differ, adding that the beef is clearly affecting the relationship. Alas, Olivia cut off Jackson as he tried to say how he felt and lamented about how “over the drama” she is.

Olivia Was Grilled By the MAFS Experts

The experts FINALLY called Olivia out properly at last night’s Commitment Ceremony. However, according to MAFS Twitter, maybe not harshly enough.

“You’re the one who circulated the photo,” expert Mel Schilling pointed out.

Alessandra Rampolla added that the whole thing could have been avoided if Olivia had just respected Domenica’s privacy but the bride was still not getting the memo as to what was actually wrong with the situation.

Olivia Made a Shock Admission

Olivia, who is possibly the most hated woman on Twitter, made a shock MAFS Commitment Ceremony admission.

The 27-year-old revealed that, when it comes to empathy, she just “doesn’t have it”. Aye, aye, aye!

Olivia Cried… Again

When she got called out for basically being a “sociopath” (as Twitter labelled it) Olivia brought out the waterworks.

She said she was “in a really bad mood” now.

Jackson still “thinks she’s an amazing person” and bro, WTAF?!

Lord almighty, what is wrong with these people? Tune in next week for the final dates – and probably more explosive drama.

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