Olivia Frazer very quickly spiralled from season sweetheart to sworn villain during Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

The former teaching student was arguably one of the series’ most controversial cast members and was involved in scandal upon scandal. Accordingly, her name has made its way onto the feeds of media sites and netizens alike.

Some fans have even dubbed her ‘the biggest MAFS villain of all time’ and move over Bryce Ruthven and Jessika Power!

olivia vladimir putin mafs
Olivia has copped a barrage of hate since appearing on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine.

But, if you are still confused as to what she has done that has incited such intense hate from viewers, here is a recap of Olivia’s most controversial moments on MAFS 2022.

Olivia Refused to Believe Holly

Olivia had a bloody good run at the start of the recent MAFS season. She was even dubbed the series’ sweetheart and we were all obsessed with her and Jackson Lonie‘s seemingly perfect relationship.

However, that all came crumbling down during a Commitment Ceremony clash with fellow bride Holly Greenstein.

Holly had opened up about being gaslit by her toxic husband Andrew Davis, to which Olivia rolled her eyes at her, told her she was acting like a child, and completely disregarded her admission.

The Whole Bridesmaid Dress Thing

Olivia enjoyed sharing her cooked anecdotes with the whole nation during Married at First Sight and it caused a bit of a stir amongst fans, to say the least.

One such tale that the bride shared with viewers was her now-infamous bridesmaid dress story.

The Central Coast local admitted that she once cut up a bridesmaid dress and mailed it to her former friend after being booted from the bridal party.

olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022
Olivia revealed that she once cut up a bridesmaid dress. Source: Nine.

She enlightened the camera with this saga (why?), as well as Jackson’s friends during their home stay (and her former students, apparently).

The Glass Smashing Incident

Things went from bad to worse for Olivia’s reputation during the MAFS Couples Retreat.

During the girls-only dinner, the 27-year-old engaged in a spat with Domenica Calarco where Olivia tone-policed her, proclaiming that the Italian was “too loud”.

Responsively, Domenica stood up and smashed a glass — an incident in which she admitted wrongdoing and apologised for.

However, Olivia just could not let it go.

Despite the fact that the incident has been caught on camera, the bride decided to push the narrative that her nemesis “fashioned the glass like a weapon” in her face.

She continued to reignite the tension, continually bringing up (her version of) the incident throughout the rest of the experiment.

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Olivia’s Snide and Classist Remarks

Following the glass-smashing incident, Olivia made some off-colour remarks both to and about Domenica.

As the 29-year-old tried to apologise to her co-stars for her actions, Olivia muttered that she “needed a Xanax” to sit through the conversation. She also remarked: “Someone pass me the cyanide”.

However, the comment that viewers took most issue with was when she called Domenica “white trash”.

mafs olivia 2022
Olivia called Domenica “white trash”. Source: Nine.

The statement was not only rude but also packed with classist undertones.

The “joke” fell flat and instead came across as insensitive and steeped in privilege.

The Nude Photo Scandal

Arguably the most controversial moment of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 was the nude photo scandal.

ICYMI (how could you ever have), Olivia “googled” her rival and stumbled across nude photos of Domenica.

These pictures were from the bride’s since-deactivated Onlyfans account. It remains unclear if Olivia created an account with the platform (which is behind a paywall) and screenshotted the images from there, or if she found them in the troves of a seedy Reddit forum.

olivia mafs press charges
Olivia shared nude photos of Domenica amongst the MAFS cast. Source: Nine.

Regardless, she saved the racy photos and shared them with the rest of the participants. The only contestants she declined to share the images with (other than Domenica and her “husband” Jack Millar) were the beauty guru’s bestie Ella Ding and her partner Mitch Eynaud.

She also reportedly shared them with people outside of the cast.

Police are currently investigating the situation.

Olivia Slut-Shamed Domenica

The controversy did not stop with the revelation that Olivia had shared the images around.

At the Dinner Party where the scandal came to light, Olivia maintained that she had “not acted with malice” and proceeded to slut-shame Domenica.

Olivia Frazer Jackson Lonie Married at First Sight Australia reaction
Olivia refused to admit that she had shared the photos with malicious intent. Source: Nine.

Olivia decreed that her enemy “put those images out there” and “they are on the internet”. Hence, she figured that Domenica just had to “deal with the consequences”.

The TV bride wasn’t able to wrap her head around the fact that Domenica wasn’t angry that the images existed (as she said, “my body, my choice, b*tch”), but rather that they had been shared behind her back with malicious intent.

Olivia Got Really Pressed When Jackson Went to the Gym

One of the more odd moments that ticked off MAFS viewers was when Olivia chucked a tantrum because her husband Jackson likes going to the gym. Wut?

TLDR; Jackson took his bride to the gym during their home stay and she expressed concern that he would be too busy at the gym and have no time for her.

“I’m your world now,” Olivia told him. *Sigh*.

Olivia was upset that Jackson likes going to the gym. Source: Nine.

The Failure to Hold Her Accountable

While Olivia’s actions were incredibly controversial, never before has any MAFS cast member seen quite the same degree of public hate levelled against them.

Previous series’ “villains‘ have often been held accountable by the experts in Commitment Ceremonies. However, Olivia seemingly avoided being called out.

 olivia frazer jackson lonie reunion commitment ceremony
Producers had to water down Olivia’s edit to counteract the hate. Source: Nine.

A contestant revealed exclusively to So Dramatic! that expert John Aiken did actually grill Olivia during the MAFS reunion but it was edited out as producers were worried it would add to the hate pile on.

Her actions were accordingly watered down in the season’s final weeks.

So is she just as bad as MAFS villains gone before her or is she worse?

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