Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Olivia Frazer has certainly copped one of the worst villain portrayals we’ve ever seen and now it seems, the producers have been toning down her edit due to serious backlash!

Fans were left wondering why the controversial bride was not called out during the Finale Commitment Ceremony, with the experts instead opting to blast cheating pair Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes. Last time we checked, cheating is pretty bad but it isn’t *illegal*…

A number of sources have revealed that the former student teacher has not only been edited to soften her image but they have even reshot a few scenes!

olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022
The producers of Married at First Sight Australia have been toning down Olivia’s edit due to her mental health. Source: Nine.

During the final ceremony, the experts quizzed Olivia (rather gently) concerning the glass-smashing incident as it had become evident that she had lied about Domenica Calarco “fashioning the glass like a weapon”.

Many fans felt that the trio were too lenient — they hardly even mentioned her instigation of the nude photo scandal!

However, a contestant has revealed to So Dramatic! that expert John Aiken did, in fact, call Olivia out for the nude photo leak.

john aiken married at first sight australia 2022
John Aiken slammed Olivia, however, most of it was edited out. Source: Nine.

“John went to town and slammed her,” a current contestant revealed to So Dramatic!. However, it never went to air.

Toning down Olivia’s edit could speak to the ongoing police investigation into the nude photo leak, with Domenica taking legal action against her MAFS rival last month.

Accordingly, if the incident is escalated with the authorities, it could incite bias against Olivia and give her an unfair hearing if her edit is unfavourable.

In episode 172 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one source said “there is a lot going on behind the sense in terms of legalities”.

“Olivia is facing serious persecution for what she did,” they admitted. “She’s already told people she is looking at her legal options as well.”

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A MAFS Contestant Weighs In On Olivia’s Edit

At the final Reunion Dinner Party, Olivia maintained that she had #noragrets from the experiment.

When asked by returning bride Holly Greenstein why she wouldn’t apologise to Domenica over the infamous OnlyFans scandal, Olivia responded: “I’m not sorry!”

However, at the Reunion Ceremony, expert John asked: “Do you have any regrets?”

Olivia MAFS 2022 final vows
“100% they would have re-edited that scene because she had absolutely no remorse at the reunion,” a source told So Dramatic! Source: Nine.

Through tears, Olivia said: “Of course I do.” So, which one is it?

A current Married at First Sight Australia contestant believes that Olivia’s scenes have been changed.

“100% they would have re-edited that scene because she had absolutely no remorse at the reunion,” our source told So Dramatic!.

mafs 2022 olivia jackson reunion
One cast member alleged that Olivia and Jackson’s reunion scenes were refilmed. Source: Nine.

“She’s like, ‘nup, I have no remorse’. They totally re-filmed that recently and added it in to soften the blow!” Ooft!

Fans have been quick to jump on the re-edit with one sliding into our DM’s.

“Why the change of tone towards Domenica?” they said. “Has this been filmed RECENTLY, as in, after what’s been aired and they need to give her a better [rap]? SMH! Not buying it at all.” We’re with you!!

Olivia and Jackson’s Final Date Was Re-Edited

As reported in episode 166 of the So Dramatic! podcast, you may have also noticed that on Tuesday, March 22, Olivia and Jackson’s final date was completely omitted from the episode.

Thanks to an insider, we now know why.

“They decided to just cut Olivia and Jackson from the episode completely to avoid any more hate that would have been directed towards her,” our insider said.

“They had to completely re-edit their final date and that’s why it was not with the other final dates, but a day later, because they needed time to completely change it and go with another storyline.” WOW!

On top of this, Tamara Djordjevic has been receiving even more of a villainous edit these days, and it’s all to take the heat off Olivia!

An Editing Fail Indicates That Olivia and Jackson Have Reshot Other Scenes, Too

Not only have Olivia and Jackson’s scenes been heavily edited, but they have even completely reshot some.

One eagle-eyed So Dramatic! sleuth slid into our DMs with more proof that certain moments of MAFS 2022 have been re-filmed ahead of broadcast.

“Did Jackson grow a moustache during the final episode?” they questioned, suggesting: “Reshoot?”

jackson reshoot mafs moustache
Jackson’s disappearing and reappearing ‘stache has fans thinking one Commitment Ceremony was re-shot. Source: Supplied/Nine.

The SD! spy also attached a side-by-side from the episode, which went to air on Monday night. In one photo, Jackson is clean-shaven and in the next, he’s sporting a lil’ stache.

So, here we have two possibilities: certain scenes have been refilmed to preserve what little reputation Olivia has left, or filming went for such a long time that Jackson grew in some five o’clock shadow!

Olivia Is Not Coping with the Intense Backlash

Understandably, having this much bad press takes its toll, and as it turns out, the 27-year-old is not coping with the backlash and scrutiny she is receiving of her problematic behaviour.

According to an on-set source, following Sunday’s commitment ceremony, all contestants were asked not to go too hard on Olivia during their media rounds. This was due to production company Endemol Shine’s “duty of care”.

mafs olivia tamara 2022
During media rounds following the final commitment ceremony, contestants were asked not to go too hard on Olivia. Source: Nine.

This whole debacle is an absolute chaotic mess and now we’re DYING to see what they really show at the reunion!

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