Amid all the hectic drama of the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Couples Retreat, Tamara Djordjevic reportedly made some wild claims about Mitch Eynaud but it was omitted from the episode that went to air.

Fans of MAFS will be aware of the many, many rumours that are circulating about Tamara and Mitch hooking up post-show.

However, the groom’s TV wife Ella Ding has spilled some scalding hot tea that suggests they may not have waited until the cameras stopped rolling after all.

Chatting to the HIT Network’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin following her trainwreck Final Vows ceremony, Ella said there are “things that have happened in the experiment that haven’t been shown”.

“At the Couples Retreat, [Tamara] said that Mitchell grabbed her ass in the pool… when I wasn’t around,” she dished.

According to the 27-year-old, the Queenslander made the claims during dinner at the retreat in an attempt to “start drama”.

“She was like, ‘Ella and Mitch, you guys haven’t had any drama [in] this experiment. Maybe we should start the drama. What if I told you that Mitchell grabbed my ass in the pool today?'”

Ella mafs crying dinner party 2022
Tamara reportedly tried to “start drama” between Ella and Mitch during the experiment. Source: Nine.

Ella also revealed that while she didn’t laugh, her TV bae “found it funny” and denied the allegation.

“He made it pretty clear to me off-camera that there was absolutely nothing going on,” she said. “He cemented that in my mind.”

However, as the reunion nears, the bride says their behaviour is “all very questionable”.

Tamara and Mitch Are at the Centre of Married at First Sight 2022‘s SECOND Cheating Scandal

As revealed in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Mitch and Ella reunited following their Final Vows, but there’s trouble in paradise once it’s revealed Mitch “hit on” Tamara after filming ended.

One current contestant dished to host Megan Pusetto that “Tamara throws a spanner in the works” at the upcoming reunion dinner in an attempt to “turn Ella off” Mitch.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“[She] makes wild claims about Mitch trying to hit on her,” they revealed. “Tamara says Mitch drunk-called her after the experiment… and said to her, ‘I shouldn’t be calling you’ and that he’s missed her and been thinking of her.”

A second contestant provided So Dramatic! will further details on the spicy drama, noting that Mitch confessed to Ella and Brent Vitiello that he called Tamara.

However, “he said he didn’t remember if she picked up or not and that it was nothing”.

Mitch also tells his co-stars that Tamara invited him to a “double date kind of situation” with Samantha Moitzi and another fella back home in Queensland BEFORE the Final Vows ceremonies.

“Mitch said he didn’t go because it wouldn’t look good for them to be seen together,” the insider dished. “We all reckon he told them this to cover his tracks because he knew Tamara was going to bring it up.

“He didn’t want to look guilty.”

Ella also confirmed the pending scandal during her radio interview, noting: “It’s true in the sense [that] there [were] calls and texts.”

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