With every season of Married at First Sight Australia comes a host of editing fails.

And while the producers think they can get away with a little bit of franken-biting, eagle-eyed fans will not let them get away with anything!

That's awkward! Fans have spotted a number of editing fails in the latest season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.
That’s awkward! Fans have spotted a number of editing fails in the latest season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.

From clothing changes to different nail colours and room numbers mysteriously interchanging, there is never a lack of cutting room faux pas that make it to the final edit. And this year is no exception!

Behold, all the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 editing fails in one place.

So, They Totally Re-Shot the Final Commitment Ceremony

As previously revealed by So Dramatic!, a number of sources confessed that Olivia Frazer has not only been edited to soften her image, but she and husband Jackson Lonie have even re-shot a few scenes.

Now, one eagle-eyed So Dramatic! sleuth has slid into our DMs with more proof that certain moments of MAFS 2022 have been re-filmed ahead of broadcast.

“Did Jackson grow a moustache during the final episode?” they questioned, suggesting: “Reshoot?”

The SD! spy also attached a side-by-side from the episode, which went to air on Monday night. In one photo, Jackson is clean-shaven and in the next, he’s sporting a lil’ stache.

jackson reshoot mafs moustache
Jackson’s disappearing and reappearing ‘stache has fans thinking one Commitment Ceremony was re-shot. Source: Supplied/Nine.

So, here we have two possibilities: certain scenes have been refilmed to preserve what little reputation Olivia has left, or filming went for such a long time that Jackson grew in some five o’clock shadow!

Daniel’s Hilarious Instagram Caption Blunder

Ahead of the Married at First Sight 2022‘s boys’ and girls’ nights, intruder-turned-cheater Daniel Holmes posted a loved-up snap of himself and new bae, Carolina Santos, to the ‘gram.

However, his caption raised a few eyebrows for a number of reasons — to start with, it seemed to refer to Carolina as a “man”!

“Tip toeing to kiss my man,” his caption read. Ouch!

daniel mafs instagram caption fail
Daniel’s Instagram caption took a subtle dig at his bae Carolina. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

Now, as we all know, it’s the producers who actually have control of the stars’ social media accounts until the show’s over. Clearly, someone’s made a huge faux pas and posted the caption to the wrong account!

So this blunder isn’t entirely Daniel’s fault, but it’s hilarious nonetheless!

carolina caption instagram editing fail mafs
Source: Instagram @carolinaschimidt.

His caption has since been amended, with the OG caption now sitting under a pic on CAROLINA’s account.

Ummm, What Are You Doing Here, Carolina?

As the girls’ night heated up between Tamara Djordjevic and Selin Mengu, one familiar face popped up in the background despite not being introduced yet.

Yup, Carolina popped up behind Samantha Moitzi as she hilariously questioned whether “Anthony’s soul [was] in [Selin’s] weird necklace”.

However, at that point in the episode, Carolina was yet to arrive — in fact, she didn’t show up “for real” until about ten minutes later!

Mitch’s Endless Supply Of Dirty Martinis

During his final date with Ella Ding, Mitch Eynaud set up a cute beachside spread complete with dirty martinis.

Despite the awkward AF convo about where their relationship was going post-experiment, fans couldn’t help but notice how much alcohol was left in Mitch’s glass.

Eagle-eyed viewers noted that in one frame, the model’s glass was empty before appearing somewhat full just seconds later!

So, either Mitch is knocking them back fast AF amid a tense convo or the MAFS editing is getting even sloppier!

Hang On… That’s Not Olivia’s Husband!

As we all know, the cast of Married at First Sight Australia don’t have total control over the social media accounts until after the series is finished airing.

However, regardless of who is running the accounts, you’d think after three months on the show that the contestants — and producers — would be able to differentiate between husbands, non?

Welp, it appears not, after Olivia (or whoever is currently posing as Olivia on her Insta) tagged the wrong MAFS groom!

olivia jackson jack instagram fail

Following an on-screen blowup with Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, a happy snap of Olivia and her bae Jackson Lonie was posted online, albeit with her hubby tagged as Jack!

The tag has now been corrected but still… #Awkward!

Has Al Had His Nails Done Before?

While the rest of the couples were at their homestays, Al Perkins and Samantha Moitzi made one last go of their relationship in Sydney.

We were shown a montage of activities the pair did together, including going to the beach, choreographing a dance and Samantha painting Al’s nails.

While we absolute stan a man who can rock a manicure, it appeared that this was the first time Al had had his nails done.

But hang on — the last time we saw this pair head to the beach a couple of weeks ago, Al was sporting the same berry-coloured nails!

al nails editing fail mafs
Source: Nine.

So… did the cheeky groom forget he’d already tried his hand at painted nails, or are producers just recycling footage to fit their storylines?

Domenica and Jack In Two Places At Once

After copping heat from the group at the second-last dinner party over her OnlyFans photo, Domenica Calarco and hubby Jack Millar decided to leave the event.

After they left, Ella Ding announced to the group that the pair had returned to their Skye Suite apartment. However, in the next shot, viewers spied both Domenica and Jack still at the table!

Now, this is either ANOTHER case of sloppy editing, or the shunned pair are able to be in two places at once!

Carolina Defies the Laws of Time After Her Gym Rendezvous With Daniel

Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes’ scandalous liaisons have been fkn wild. There is so much *drama* to focus on that you would be forgiven for having missed this ridiculous editing fail.

In episode 19 of MAFS 2022 – ie, the one where Carolina and Daniel go to the gym and have a very gym-bro date – the bride seems to defy the laws of time.

When she leaves her personal PT session with Daniel, it is nighttime and the 34-year-old is dressed in activewear.

But, when she “arrives home” to Dion, however, it is magically light again outside. Carolina is also dolled-up and looking fab, with perfectly done hair and a full face of makeup.

She is totally stunning, but we find it hard to believe anyone can look that good post-workout. Just saying.

So the real question: is Carolina a time traveller or are MAFS producers just really bad at editing? You decide.

The Case Of The Disappearing, Then Re-Appearing Cheese And Crackers

During Feedback Week, Al Perkins put in his best efforts to match Samantha Moitzi in her interests after her parents voiced their concerns.

How? But with a cheese platter, of course!

Al Perkins Samantha Moitzi cheese Married at First Sight Australia
Al Perkins tried to impress Samantha Moitzi with a cheese platter. Source: Nine.

However, fans were quick to spot a number of editing blunders during the short scene.

One moment, Samantha is munching on some cheese and crackers, then in the next frame, the snack is nowhere to be seen!

Is this more proof of Married at First Sight participants falling victim to frankenediting?

John Aiken Having A Lil’ Nap Mid-Commitment Ceremony

We all know how tiring the Commitment Ceremonies can be, but little did we know some stars of the show need to have a lil’ nap during it!

As his fellow experts dished out advice to the couples, eagle-eyed fans spotted John Aiken asleep on the couch!

John Aiken asleep married at first sight
Married at First Sight expert John Aiken was spotted having a nap during the Commitment Ceremony! Souce: Nine.

The expert’s power nap only featured for a brief second, which makes sense as to why the short scene made the final cut!

Come on, MAFS editing team — pick up your game!

Holly Arriving At The Dinner Party In the Daytime But Entering The Room At Night

During the second MAFS dinner party, social commentator Clementine Ford spotted a huge editing fail.

When Holly Greenstein arrived in all her blazing glory, the sun was still up however, when she entered the room it was nighttime.

Posting to her Instagram stories Clementine wrote: “Please note that Holly is arriving in the daytime.”

In a second story, she posted a picture of when Holly entered the room and joined the other couples.

“But look. Holly walks into the room when it’s pitch black outside, so the producers have kept her in a room for a few hours to give Andrew the STAIN a chance to rally support against her,” she wrote.

Did they just not think we would notice something like that? Do they think we are fools?! Ugh.

Cody Bromley’s Botched Haircut Edit

During Married at First Sight 2022’s Intimacy Week, resident sexologist Alessandra Rampolla visited Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley, who appeared to have a brand new ‘do. Seems pretty normal, right?

cody bromley alessandra rampolla nmarried at first sight australia 2022
Cody Bromley appeared to have a new haircut during intimacy week. Source: Nine.


A few scenes later, viewers saw hairdresser-by-trade Selina giving her TV hubby a haircut. According to the narrator, this took place AFTER Alessandra’s visit, with Selina supposedly attempting to reignite the spark between her and Cody.

However, given Cody’s obvious haircut upon the sexologist’s arrival, we’re tipping that there was a lil’ bit of a mix-up in the show’s editing suite!

Married At First Sight Groom Anthony Cincotta’s Changing Pants

During the Wednesday, February 10 episode of MAFS, a few very observant viewers noticed that groom Anthony Cincotta was wearing three different pairs of pants in just one scene. That’s some pretty quick changes he’s made!

Very observant viewers from the Facebook group MAFS Gossip Uncut-Australia captured a video of the aforementioned scene that shows this careless editing blunder.

The scene showed Anthony going through his suitcase wearing shorts, then leaving his apartment to see his wife Selin Mengu in chinos and then walking through her door in jeans! How did the editors miss this?!

Axed Contestants Spotted At Married at First Sight Hens And Bucks Parties

Fans of MAFS surely know the tea about axed groom Simon Blackburn and his short-term TV bride Jessica Seracino.

ICYMI: Simon was booted from the series two weeks into filming after it was discovered he had been making vile, offensive TikTok videos online.

As a result, any content featuring the doomed couple was scrapped from the series. Or so we thought!

Despite their best efforts, it seems producers were unable to wipe the pair from the show completely!

That's awkward! Fans have spotted a number of editing fails in the latest season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.
Simon Blackburn was spotted during the MAFS premiere, despite being booted from the show. Source: Nine.

During the series premiere, Simon can be seen seated next to fellow groom Anthony Cincotta at the bucks party, with his hands sitting in the corner of the frame.

Jessica also made an appearance at the hens do, however, was unrecognisable to viewers as her back was to the camera.

That's awkward! Fans have spotted a number of editing fails in the latest season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.
Simon’s wife Jessica Seracino also failed to be edited out of the hens party. Source: Nine.

We wonder where else they’ll pop up this season?

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