Domenica Calarco‘s Married at First Sight Australia 2022 co-stars have gone to town on her new web series, Dom’s Debrief.

It was recently revealed that the fan-favourite participant would host her own online series, in which Domenica would FaceTime co-stars to “check in” on their post-MAFS lives.

Now, Nine has dropped a trailer for the programme, with the TV bride teasing: “Guess who’s back?!”

dom's debrief mafs
Domenica Calarco’s Married at First Sight Australia 2022 co-stars have gone to town on her new web series. Source: Nine.

“Did you miss me?” Domenica asked the camera before clips from her time on the show appeared. “It’s Dom from MAFS, and I’m gonna be calling a few of my MAFS castmates to see what they’ve been up to.

“I hope they bloody answer!” LOL.

Several of the 2022 stars previously voiced their distaste for the pending series, and it wasn’t long before they took to the comment section of the trailer to reiterate it on October 18.

“The number you have called has been disconnected,” Jackson Lonie cheekily penned. “Please check the number and try again.”

Carolina Santos similarly made a missed call joke, noting that Domenica’s “number is blocked”.

“Devo [sic] that I missed it,” she added. “Chatting to you would be like a dream of mine.”

Meanwhile, the Brazilian bride’s ex Daniel Holmes commented: “As the old saying goes. ROFL.”

Domenica’s long-time on and off-screen rival Olivia Frazer also put her two cents in about the new series.

“But producers don’t favour anyone, right?” she penned, rehashing past claims that producers have their “favourite” contestants.

Olivia Frazer Slams Domenica Calarco’s New Web Series, Dom’s Debrief

The 29-year-old then took to her own page, slamming Nine and MAFS for insinuating she was involved in the show by using a clip from one of her and Domenica’s epic confrontations.

“Before anyone suspects that I had anything to do with the new MAFS thing that just dropped… I was not contacted,” she said. “I had nothing to do with it.”

mafs olivia frazer onlyfans
Despite the trailer alluding to it, Olivia said she “had nothing to do with” Dom’s Debrief. Source: Nine.

Calling the clip “misleading and absolutely false”, Olivia told her followers not to “buy into their thirsty bullsh*t”.

Penning over the post, the 2022 “villain” demanded that the famed marriage experiment stop “using her”.

“You guys f*cked me,” she wrote. “Don’t even hint at my involvement in your blatant agenda-pushing schemes.”

The condemnation didn’t stop there, however.

Olivia’s caption also reiterated she has HAD it with Married at First Sight.

“I’m so mad I had to make sure this message is heard loud at clear. FU @mafs [sic],” she captioned the clip.

“I wasn’t contacted for it, but if I was, I would have followed suit LIKE MOST OF MY CAST MATES who were contacted and told producers to get f**ked.”

Olivia continued: “When that many cast members aren’t up for a ‘light-hearted’ call, there’s obviously an issue they’re covering up.

“Don’t buy into their shit for a moment longer.”

olivia mafs dom's debrief
Olivia reiterated that she was not impressed with MAFS “pushing an agenda”. Source: Instagram.

Olivia has since turned comments off on the post.

Abbie Chatfield Called Out “Jealousy” from Domenica Calarco’s MAFS Co-Stars

Despite the mountain of hate, Domenica did cop some support from fans and mates.

This included bestie Ella Ding, who mused that she “can’t wait” for the series to drop.

Meanwhile, Abbie Chatfield highlighted that Domenica’s dismayed co-stars could have been confused for the green-eyed monster!

“The jealousy from ex contestants in these comments is so funny,” she penned.

abbie chatfield domenica comment
Abbie called out the MAFS 2022 stars for being jealous of Domenica’s success. Source: Instagram.

LOL! Can always count on Abbie to call it as she sees it!

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