After sharing her frustrations about feeling “incompetent” because of her ADHD diagnosis, Abbie Chatfield was brought to tears.

Speaking on her It’s A Lot podcast, she admitted that her attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) primarily presents itself with inattentiveness and hyperactivity, which resulted in her missing a $2,000 flight to Sydney.

She also revealed that she was “so sick” of the disorder negatively impacting her life because she struggles with organisation and timing.

abbie chatfield
Abbie Chatfield shared her frustrations about feeling “incompetent” because of her ADHD. Source: Instagram

“I just felt like a f*cking… I don’t know, just incompetent all the time,” Abbie said. “I’m so sick of my ADHD just like, f**king with my life.”

The reality TV icon believed she was “not very good at anything” because she could not organise her busy schedule like “an actual functioning adult”, a common mindset discussed by other neurodivergent creators and influencers.

Abbie Chatfield Explains How ADHD Impacts Her Daily Life

Abbie went on to explain she was often “late to things” and not “fully aware of things”, including her recent confusion around daylight savings times that left her “sobbing at the airport”.

She also slammed the sentiment of her confusion and disorganisation as “classic Abbie”.

The Bachelor alum also suggested that many people didn’t fully understand that her brain didn’t allow her to complete a task like “checking the boarding pass”, even if it appears simple to a neurotypical person.

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