The stoushing from the Team Ellis boxing match on October 15 has continued with Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Domenica Calarco hitting out at Tamara Djordjevic and Carolina Santos.

For those playing catch up: TV grooms Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes, as well as Jackson Lonie and Sam Carraro, fought it out in the ring at Melbourne Pavilion. However, more infighting ensued among the cast in the crowd.

This included Tamara lashing out at co-star Kate Laidlaw, whom Domenica has since come to the defence of in an Instagram thread.

“Tam Tam keeps acting like she did nothing to Kate and that her actions were warranted,” the 29-year-old penned. “Let’s talk about the phone call and the smashed glass in a restaurant.”

ICYMI: While in the company of Kate and several other brides, Tamara and Carolina made “abusive” phone calls to their co-stars in April.

Kate has since spoken out about the incident, stating she regrets being there and condemning Tamara’s actions, which became the catalyst for the bride’s rage at the boxing event.

In the same thread, Domenica said she’d stop addressing the dilemma “when the mean girl behaviour stops”.

Married at First Sight 2022‘s Carolina Santos Hits Back at Domenica Calarco

Carolina then entered the chat, highlighting the hypocrisy of her co-star “commenting about a smashed glass” when she was the centre of a glass-smashing scandal during MAFS.

“Also, you upset that the media wasn’t about you for once, so you have to make it about you?” the Brazillian bride pondered.

“Girl, you are obsessed!”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Hitting back in true Domenica fashion, the fan-favourite held Carolina to account for her behaviour towards Ella Ding.

“Don’t forget you’re the person who prank calls another woman telling her ex is f*cking another woman,” she wrote. “Who does that?”

She also teased that it was a “shame” Carolina didn’t want to be interviewed for her new web series, a talk show in conjunction with Nine and MAFS.

“Shame you didn’t come on to be interviewed in the new series babes, we could have chatted about this. It’s okay though, I’m sure you’ll be watching.”

The 34-year-old then took to her Story with screenshots of the comments between her and Domenica.

“Apparently, smashing a glass is no longer acceptable,” Carolina wrote. “Ps. Tamara smashed a glass by accident, not sure [what] drugs this girl is on.”

carolina instagram story domenica glass smash
Carolina suggested that Domenica was “on drugs”. Source: Instagram.

So Dramatic! has reached out to Carolina for comment.

Intruder Bride Jessica Seracino Weighed In on the Boxing Match Drama

Jessica Seracino joined the conversation by playing devil’s advocate, suggesting that anyone would be annoyed if someone (i.e. Kate) tried to hang out with them (i.e. Tamara) after being double-crossed.

“None of us wants anyone upset. I just think if you’ve hurt someone and you plan on hanging around, then apologise and squash it,” she penned.

“Hopefully, in the future, we can all talk and squash our issues and learn from this.”

However, Domenica quipped back: “Triggered by Kate. LOL.”

jessica seracino domenica
Jessica Seracino attempted to defend Tamara’s behaviour. Source: Instagram.

The whole thread comes after Tamara attempted to clarify what happened between her and Kate in a since-deleted comment.

What Did Tamara Djordejvic Say About Her Confrontation with Kate Laidlaw?

“I dislike Kate because she openly spoke to media about us girls when we had invited her out with us, saying we were embarrassing and that she regret [sic] being with us,” Tamara confessed.

“So why would she want to come over to our table if she dislikes us… I can’t stand fake sh*t, and if you want to be that way, don’t expect not to get a reaction.”

Domenica then replied, backing Kate’s decision to call out her fellow Married at First Sight 2022 bride’s behaviour.

“Probs because you ‘prank’ called Ella and I at the dinner table… maybe that’s why she said you were embarrassing.

“And she’s right. You are embarrassing.”


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