Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Tamara Djordjevic has been busted “harassing” her co-stars with “abusive” phone calls since filming wrapped, as well as threatening some MAFS brides with physical violence.

Brent Vitiello, Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding confirmed to So Dramatic! that they all received phone calls from Tamara over the weekend.

MAFS Tamara phone calls
Tamara Djordjevic has been busted “harassing” her Married at First Sight co-stars with constant phone calls since filming wrapped. Source: Nine.

The controversial bride has been “harassing” her fellow cast members following the show, calling them multiple times in a row and making a number of nasty and abusive comments towards them.

Another source claimed that Tamara has also been threatening to “bash” some brides if they associate with her rivals Ella or Domenica. Yikes!

Tamara Has Been Threatening To “Bash” Fellow Brides

According to one source, Tamara has told some brides that she will “bash them” if they speak to Ella or Domenica.

According to the insider, friends have been scared to go against Tamara’s wishes out of genuine fear for their safety.

WOW! And here we were thinking that Olivia Frazer was this year’s villain!

mafs olivia tamara 2022
Tamara Djordjevic and Olivia Frazer were controversial contestants on MAFS 2022. Source: nine.

What Did Tamara Say to Domenica Calarco?

MAFS bride Domenica revealed to So Dramatic! on Sunday that she received a call from a private number on Saturday night and when she answered the phone, Tamara was on the other end.

“She literally screamed at me calling me a c*nt,” Domenica tells So Dramatic!.

The Italian bride then revealed that Tamara made some degrading comments about her looks.

Domenica Calarco received an abusive phone call from Tamara on Saturday night, during which she criticised her looks. Source: Nine.

“She then said to me, ‘have you got your f*cking teeth fixed yet?'” Domenica recalled. “I just laughed and then she hung up. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to give them anything but I am furious.”

Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Poor Dom! But hey! Let’s not forget this is the same woman who shamed retail workers, hospitality workers and sex workers.

Domenica then added that her on-screen husband Jack Millar also received calls from a private number at 3am on Sunday morning.

What Did Tamara Say to Brent Vitiello?

Tamara’s MAFS husband Brent also told So Dramatic! that he had “copped a prank call from someone earlier in the week, who was pretending to be Tamara.” He said he couldn’t confirm if it was her or someone else.

Then on Saturday night, he also received a number of calls from a private number, around the same time as his co-stars did.

However, he didn’t bother to answer them. Lucky Brent!

Brent Vitiello also received a number of calls from a private number around the same time as his co-stars, as well as a prank call from someone pretending to be Tamara. Source: Nine.

What Did Tamara Say to Ella Ding?

MAFS bride Ella also received a phone call off a private number from Tamara on Saturday night, however the phone was quickly passed to Carolina Santos who was with Tamara on a girl’s night out in Melbourne.

Ella told So Dramatic! that she was confused why Tamara and Carolina would be calling her, as they are not friends and not even on speaking terms.

“I asked her why she was calling me,” Ella explained. “Carolina was going on about Mitch [Eynaud] and Tamara, saying aren’t you jealous Tamara has touched his d*ck and basically just trying to me feel bad that Tamara is with Mitch and rubbing it in my face.

“I told her that I don’t care and that Tamara can have him.”

Carolina Santos called Ella Ding and asked her if she was jealous that Tamara was now “f*cking” her ex-husband Mitch Eynaud. Source: Nine.

Queen sh*t! Poor Ella! As if she hasn’t been through the ringer already just being married to Mitch!

So Dramatic!’s Megan Pustetto Also Copped Phone Calls From Tamara

So Dramatic! founder and podcast host Megan Pustetto, also received two “threatening and abusive” voice mails from Tamara on Saturday night, as revealed – and replayed – in episode 175 of the So Dramatic! Podcast.

After receiving eight missed calls from a private number on Saturday night – yep, EIGHT! – Megan then received two voicemails from Tamara demanding that she “pick up the phone.”

megan pustetto so dramatic
Tamara also called So Dramatic!’s Megan Pustetto Tamara, and abused her with a number of ethnic and derogatory slurs. Source: Instagram: @meganpustetto

In the voicemails, Tamara called Megan a number of derogatory names and ethnic slurs including “salami c*nt” – referring to her Italian heritage – as well as “d*ckhead”, “loser” and “troll.”

“Megan you f*cking salami c*nt, answer your phone. What are you scared of a private number for, d*ckhead?” Tamara said in the first voicemail.

“Megan how do you sleep at night, honestly? Living like a troll on social media at other people’s lives [sic]. I honestly do not understand,” Tamara yelled in the second voice mail.

Tamara can then be heard asking her co-stars Carolina, Jessica Seracino, and Kate Laidlaw if they agree with her.

Jessica replied, “I agree.”

“We don’t understand how someone like you can sleep at night,” Tamara screamed with Jessica.

“You must be sad. Very sad. You are the biggest loser honestly,” she yelled as her co-stars laughed along in the background.

To hear Tamara’s voice mails in full and Megan’s iconic clap back, make sure you listen to episode 175 of the So Dramatic! Podcast.

Where Was Tamara When She Made The Phone Calls?

On Saturday night, Tamara was out for a “mini MAFS reunion” with co-stars Carolina, Jessica and Kate and her sister Bec at the Osbourne Hotel in Melbourne.

They also met up with Season 7 MAFS groom Steve Birley during the evening.

Tamara and the group also met up with season 7 MAFS groom Steve Birley. Source: Instagram.

If this is how Tamara and co are behaving before they have been given the keys to their social media accounts back, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride come April 27th!

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