Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Jessica Seracino has reunited with her ex-boyfriend who coincidentally shares the same name as her first husband Simon Blackburn — as well as a striking resemblance.

jessica seracino married at first sight australia 2022
Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Jessica Seracino has reunited with her ex-boyfriend. Source: Nine.

ICYMI: Jessica’s first wedding and marriage were completely scrapped after Simon was removed from the series just days into filming the ninth season. The removal came after Jessica brought vile videos made by the 35-year-old to the attention of producers.

In a number of TikTok clips, the single father relayed a number of homophobic, misogynistic and racist sentiments across several different accounts.

simon Blackburn MAFS
Jessica’s first husband Simon Blackburn was removed from the series just days into filming the ninth season. Source: Nine.

Jessica had to be re-married and she re-entered the experiment as an intruder alongside new husband Daniel Holmes shortly after.

Their marriage was also short-lived, with Jessica walking out on her husband in dramatic fashion after just a few days together in the experiment.

Who Is Jessica Seracino Now Dating?

Now, in a plot twist no one saw coming, sources revealed in episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast that Jessica has reunited with her ex-boyfriend, who she was dating prior to filming MAFS.

And in a second plot twist no one saw coming either, her ex-boyfriend just so happens to share the same name as her first husband: Simon.

But the similarities don’t end there… Jessica’s new-slash-old bae Simon is also from Melbourne (just like Simon Blackburn!) and he also looks like he could be his long-lost brother. Let’s just say, it looks like producers did a great job matching her to her usual type!

Take a look for yourselves below:


So there you have it! Jessica is now back with her old boyfriend Simon from Melbourne who looks like her MAFS husband, also named Simon, who is also from Melbourne.

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How Did Simon Blackburn Get Removed From Married at First Sight?

In November, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Simon and Jessica were matched during their short stint in the experiment.

Jessica reportedly felt “uncomfortable” around Simon “from the get-go”, a source close to the bride said.

“He was extremely obnoxious, rude and aggressive and said a number of things that immediately set off alarm bells,” the source explains. “Everyone at the wedding was on edge and noticed something was off about him. The wedding was extremely awkward and the energy was off all around.”

After Jessica found Simon’s series of foul videos she no longer felt safe in the experiment with him.

Daniel Holmes Jessica Seracino Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Jessica was re-matched with Daniel Holmes and the pair entered the experiment as intruders. Source: Nine.

Producers then promised to remove Simon from the show and told him to pack his bags. However, they didn’t want to lose Jessica so they promised to find her a new groom and get her remarried.

And so, her doomed marriage with Daniel was born!

Let’s hope it’s third time’s a charm and her rekindled romance with Simon works out!

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