As of April 11, the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast officially gain back partial control of their Instagram accounts.

The cast handed their social media logins over to show producers at the beginning of MAFS in order to avoid spoilers. This is also done so that executives can manage any hateful messages participants may receive and uphold their duty of care. LOL.

Chatting exclusively to So Dramatic!, a MAFS 2022 cast member revealed that contestants receive FULL control of their accounts on April 27.

mafs reunion dinner party
The MAFS cast receive their Instagram accounts back from April 11. Source: Nine.

However, from Monday, they are able to return to uploading regular posts to Instagram as opposed to MAFS-only content.

“From April 11th we are able to post regular life stuff on their accounts via the Channel Nine social media team,” the source spilled. “They still have full access over our accounts, but we can ask them to post stuff for us and it just needs to be approved.”

Domenica’s Very Telling First Instagram Post

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Domenica Calarco shared one very telling image as her first official post-MAFS Story.

“Family” she penned over a gorgeous snap of herself, Jack Millar and their two pups.

domenica jack photo instagram
Is this a telling sign about Domenica and Jack’s relationship? Source: Instagram @domenica.calarco.

So, does this mean the pair are back together?

Well, despite maintaining that they’re just friends, some very cosy behaviour has us believing otherwise. Fingers crossed!

What Is the Process for Posting to Social Media While the Show Is Airing?

In episode 170 of the So Dramatic! podcast, 2021 bride Beck Zemek revealed that contestants are given “a whole lot of pictures” from upcoming episodes that they can use for Instagram posts.

While they get to choose which photos will make their way onto the grids, the same cannot be said for the cooked AF captions that tend to accompany them.

Beck divulged that the powers at be “control” what you write.

beck zemeck mafs 2021
Beck Zemeck revealed the process of posting to Instagram during MAFS. Source: Nine.

“The amount of times I wrote a caption and they’re just like, ‘No, you can’t write that [because] it doesn’t go with the storyline’,” she said as part of So Dramatic!‘s AFTERMAFS series.

However, she disclosed that the cast aren’t aware of what storylines will play out as the episodes — and edits — hadn’t aired yet.

She continued: “So they will go, ‘No, you can’t say that’, or ‘Make it brief’… Then you’re getting… criticised based on the caption you put to a photo even though you don’t know what’s going to air.”

“You can only write what you think you can write,” she recalled.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Why Do Producers Take Control Of the Cast’s Social Media?

As a part of their duty of care, producers take over newlyweds’ social media accounts each season.

Additionally, they aim to avoid spoilers getting out about the show. They maintain their hold over the profiles for several weeks after the finale episode goes live in Australia while they wait for it to go air overseas.

This also gives them time to turn off comments and wipe the participants’ inboxes to avoid them coming across any hate messages when they receive their accounts back.

chris jenson jaimie gardner mafs
MAFS 2021 contestant Jaimie Gardner has spoken about how she was impacted by social media hate. Source: Nine.

However, in In episode 68 of the So Dramatic! podcast, former bride Jaimie Gardner claimed she was the only contestant from the 2021 cast who did not have her inbox wiped.

“I’ve had the general [trolls] that are carrying on about the trivial things and those types of comments… threats of being bashed, of people wanting to find you,” Jaimie stated. “‘Go kill yourself’ was written a few times.”

Given that this season of MAFS has been scandal-filled, we hope producers don’t make the mistake of missing anyone out this time!

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