Married at First Sight Australia 2022 has finally drawn to a close after what feels like seventy years, so now it’s time for the cast to take stock of what’s really important. Their Instagram followings.

Before the season started, we went and stalked every single cast member (so you didn’t have to) and found out exactly just how many followers each participant had before their five minutes of fame began.

And look, if this was a competition (which we absolutely know it is) everybody’s favourite KWEEN, Domenica Calarco, would be the winner without question.

Jessica Samantha Domenica Married at First Sight Australia 2022
The cast of Married at First Sight Australia have become some of the biggest names in Australia and their Instagram followings have grown exponentially! Source: Nine.

Scroll through for a definitive list of how many Instagram followers the Married at First Sight cast have gained since the 2022 season started!

(NB: All followers are at the time of publication.)

Twitter user @GoodAtMAFS put together a handy graph to compare the contestants’ follower growth.

A graph of the 2022 MAFS contestants’ follower growth. Source: Twitter @goodatmafs

How Many Followers do the OG Cast Have on Instagram: Then vs Now?


As mentioned above, Domenica Calarco is the reigning queen of MAFS Insta with over 254K followers at the time of publication. She initially started with just 12.6k, meaning she has gained 242k followers since the show began.

Domenica is the reigning queen of MAFS insta, with over 254K followers at the time of publication. Source: Instagram.

Australia’s bestie, Ella Ding, started her MAFS journey with 3,648 followers. She now has 209k. Legend.

ella instagram mafs 2022
Ella gained 205.3k followers since the show began. Source: Instagram.

Before even going on MAFS, restaurant manager and all-round short king Brent Vitiello already had 53k followers. He now has over 199k followers.

Brent gained over 146k followers. Source: Instagram.

Resident shoey expert, Al Perkins, began the experiment with just 3,267 followers. He now boasts over 95.3k.

Al perkins insta
Al gained 92k followers after going on MAFS. Source: Instagram.

Perfect specimen Jack Millar began with 1,555 followers. Since going on the show, he gained 98.2k followers.

Jack gained over 98k followers after marrying Domenica on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Instagram.

Goddess Selina Chhaur started with 2.9k followers and gained an additional 82k followers since the show began, bringing her to a total of 85.1k.

Selina’s following grew by 82k. Source: Instagram.

Problematic cheater, cheater pumpkin eater, Mitch Eynaud, began the experiment with just 1.1k followers. He now has 72.8k — probably from people checking out his City Beach modelling profile.

Mitch Instagram MAFS 2022
Mitch gained 72.8k followers thanks to MAFS. Source: Instagram.

Old mate Cody Bromley may not have done a whole lot right during his time on MAFS, but he sure finessed his way to a healthy Instagram following. Having started out the season with just under 800 followers, Cody now has over 41K fans following him online.

Cody started with just 747 followers and then rose to 41.7k followers. Source: Instagram.

Spiritual Kween Holly Greenstein defs manifested herself a load’a followers. Before the series aired, the cinema manager has a little under 1,500 followers. Now, she spruiks 34.5K fans on the photo-sharing app.

Holly began MAFS with 1,448 followers and now has 34.5K. Source: Instagram.

Tamara Djordjevic was already a lil’ bit of a social personality on the ‘gram pre-MAFS with 6.2K followers. Now, she has over 63,000 fans (and we’re sure a few h8rs too).

Tamara started out with 6.2K followers and now has over 63K following her antics. Source: Instagram.

Jackson Lonie signed onto Married at First Sight with just 1,278 followers on Instagram. Now, despite a fall from grace, the tradie has over 57.5K fans on the ‘gram.

jackson mafs followers
Jackson Lonie has gone from just over 1K followers to over 57K. Source: Instagram.

Lowkey villain Selin Mengu may be many things, but she ain’t unloved. Having begun her MAFS journey with just 1,349 followers, the mama of one now hones over 33.6K fans on the app.

selin. mafs followers
Selin Mengu now has over 33,000 fans on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

His time on Married at First Sight may have been short-lived but his fans’ love for the star is not! Anthony Cincotta‘s Instagram following has skyrocketed since appearing on the show, jumping from just over 800 followers to 54.8K.

anthony mafs followers
Anthony now has over 54.8K followers on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

It seems the villain edit has worked in Olivia Frazer‘s favour now that she’s raked in 68.9K followers, as opposed to the measly 2.3K she had before the season kicked off.

olivia mafs followers
Olivia’s follower count has risen from 2.3K to 68.9K. Source: Instagram.

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