Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Jackson Lonie might have found his perfect match in Olivia Frazer, but he might be seeking another match now that he’s been spotted on a dating app.

Following a brutally honest set of Final Vows, the controversial MAFS couple ultimately decided to stay together post-experiment. And, as revealed in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, they’re still going strong come reunion time.

However, could there be trouble in paradise now that Jackson appears to be doing the ol’ swipey swipe on dating app Hinge?

jackson olivia mafs final vows
Despite ending the series with TV wife Olivia Frazer, Jackson Lonie has been spotted on a dating app. Source: Nine.

Under the name Jack (which is what he typically goes by IRL), the TV groom has shared a number of dapper pics to the profile, many of which we’ve already spotted on his ever-growing Instagram account.

What Is On Jackson’s Hinge Profile?

Naturally, the dating profile is peppered with a number of conversation starters, including a “believe it or not” prompt.

“I love to cook!” Jackson penned in response. “And I’m pretty good at it too.” Tick! We can vouch for this one given the number of yummy meals we saw him whip up on MAFS!

As for his “simple pleasures”, Jackson is down for “making some homemade popcorn while watching a movie with a glass of red.” Okay, now we’re just suss because why did he need to go on a TV show to find love? His profile makes him sound like the perfect guy!

As for his stats on the app, he’s listed as 31-years-old, six-foot-three and a plumber.

However, we have reason to believe this account is old AF given his location is still listed as Officer, Melbourne. As previously reported by So Dramatic!, Jackson relocated to the Central Coast to be with Olivia in early 2022

Fingers crossed he’s just forgotten to delete the profile!

The Married at First Sight Reunion Could Put Jackson and Olivia’s Relationship On the Rocks

Despite having moved in together, Jackson and Oliva’s relationship hasn’t been without its obstacles.

After her supremely questionable behaviour this season (causing her to even lose her IRL job), Olivia reportedly gets the grilling of the century from the experts at the reunion.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“Olivia gets grilled on the couch by the experts so bad,” one current contestant dished, “They basically tell Jackson to rethink his decision to stay with her.” Yikes.

Apparently, the once-trained actor, “turns on the waterworks” again because “the experts gave it to her so much”. I mean, she totally deserves it if we’re honest…

Then, surprise, surprise, “they pull back a bit on her and so she isn’t really held accountable.”

olivia mafs 2022
Olivia is set for the grilling of the century when she arrives at the reunion. Source: Nine.

“Same old shit we’ve been seeing her do all along really,” they added. “Domenica was rolling her eyes the whole time.” And we don’t doubt we will be too!

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