Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley have had a rocky run on Married at First Sight Australia 2022 and many fans are questioning if the pair have persevered through the trenches of MAFS and made it work IRL.

Selina and Cody‘s marriage got off to a rough start after the groom admitted he thought his new wife was a little OTT.

Selina and cody mafs wedding
Selina and Cody have had a rocky run since tieing the knot on MAFS 2022. Source: Nine

Their relationship spiralled downwards from there before they eventually managed to turn things around (and then it all spiralled again).

Needless to say, Selina and Cody have had a total rollercoaster ride throughout the experiment.

What Has Happened During Selina and Cody’s MAFS Relationship?

As we said, these two have experienced the MAFS rollercoaster to its fullest extent!

After an abysmal wedding, things appeared to get back on track during their honeymoon.

However, Selina and Cody’s marriage completely derailed when Confessions Week took an absolute sledgehammer to their relationship.

Fans of MAFS were left shocked after Cody, in his typical insensitive fashion, confessed he’s “not racist” but is attracted to “more familiar” women who were “blonde” and “surfy” as opposed to Selina, who is of Asian heritage.

cody and selina mafs
MAFS confessions week saw Cody and Selina hit a rough patch. Source: Nine

As expected, that went down as well Andrew Davis coming face-to-face with the prospect of being pegged.

After the groom received a grilling from the MAFS experts at the season’s first commitment ceremony, the couple moved past Cody’s comments. Things seemed swell and they even revealed shortly after that they had consummated the marriage!

Despite the cracks in their relationship, Selina and Cody have both elected to “stay” together at the weekly couch confessionals so far. Props to them.

Will Selina and Cody Go the Distance?

Throughout Married at First Sight Australia 2022, Cody and Selina have at least given the experiment a good try. The same can not be said for every couple, but we digress.

As revealed in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast, this unlikely pair (surprisingly) go very far in the experiment, however, as we’ve already seen, things are complicated!

MAFS Selina and Cody
Selina and Cody have many more challenges to work through on MAFS 2022. Source: Nine

Still, they chose to stay together at their Final Vows ceremony.

They were also spotted arriving hand in hand at the reunion in January, but as revealed in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the night doesn’t end on a good note.

Cody Dumps Selina After the Reunion Dinner Party

Like, literally — straight after.

“Cody and Selina attend the reunion together,” a source revealed to So Dramatic!. “But then Cody dumped Selina after the reunion Dinner Party at 5 am in the morning or something. Literally straight after the dinner party. It’s f*cked up!” IT SURE IS!

Unsurprisingly, because he has the emotional maturity of a toad, the reality star had no real explanation for his TV bride and she was shooketh.

Selina was “lost for words” after Cody broke up with her. Source: Nine.

“She was lost for words, really,” the source dished. “No one knew about it until they got on the couch. She didn’t tell anyone before.”

Once up against the experts, Selina didn’t really say much and the experts were “just as surprised as the rest of us”.

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