On Sunday night the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast attended a viewing party for the Reunion Dinner Party episode where they watched on as Brent Vitiello exposed Tamara Djorjevic for attempting to cheat on him.

ICYMI: Tamara DM’d Mitch Eynaud prior to the Final Vows — when she was technically still with Brent and Mitch was with Ella Ding — but he rejected her. Lol.

So Dramatic! exclusively captured the moment that the cast, including Brent, Ella, Domenica Calarco, Al Perkins and Jack Millar, relived the glorious moment from the MAFS reunion and their reactions were hilarious.

Brent Vitiello Tamara Djordjevic MAFS 2022
Brent and Tamara had a tumultuous relationship during the course of MAFS. Source: Nine.

Brent Vitiello’s Reaction to Tamara Scolding Al

Let’s set the scene: It’s Domenica’s MAFS Reunion viewing party, and you are Brent watching your ex “wife” scold your buddy/Godson Al for standing up (like, literally just standing up).

Welp, So Dramatic!‘s very own Megan Pustetto was in attendance at said viewing party and obtained exclusive footage of Brent’s reaction!

As the bois teamed up during the episode to expose Tamara’s attempts at cheating, Brent and Al were feeling the love IRL during the MAFS Reunion viewing party.

MAFS 2022 reunion Brent and Al
Brent and Al have been close throughout the MAFS expermient. Source: Nine.

“Thats my boy!” Brent called out when Al stood up to controversial bride after she called him rude.

On-screen, Al then burped in reply. Charming.

“F*ck Tamara,” an anonymous member of the viewing party crowd called out.

Brent was seen cheering for himself when he called Tamara out on screen.

TBF, if someone slammed your career for several months, tried to cheat on you and then (just as a kicker) yelled at your Godson, you wouldn’t exactly be their biggest fan either.

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Brent Continued to Make His Dislike Of His Ex-Wife Clear

Brent’s criticisms of his former partner did not stop with a cheeky f-bomb and his reactions to the MAFS reunion episode continued to be iconic.

“Shut up!” Brent yelled at the screen emblazoned with Tamara’s face as she criticised his clothing.

On-screen, Al, (who was in the know about Tamara’s pre-vows escapades) just giggled to himself.

“I think she needs to keep her nose out of everybody’s business… no pun intended,” the tradie quipped during the episode.

The guests at the viewing party could be heard collectively ooooh-ing as Jack and Domenica — our royal couple — did a lil dance.

@sodramaticonline Dom kissing Jack last night as they watched the #MAFS reunion back 💋👀🥰 #mafs #mafsau #mafsaus #mafsaustralia #mafs2022 #marriedatfirstsight #marriedatfirstsightau #domandjack #domenicacalarco #jackmiller #mafsreunion #fyp ♬ original sound – So Dramatic!

IRL Brent grabbed IRL Al’s arm and shook him like a salt shaker.

We wish we could have seen their reactions to Brent’s takedown of Tamara at the Final Vows… can you imagine?!

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