For some, Married at First Sight Australia is a swift ride to social media stardom, but controversial bride Olivia Frazer has instead decided to delete her Instagram account after copping a barrage of hate for her controversial actions throughout the 2022 season.

The 27-year-old, who has been trolled mercilessly by MAFS fans for her role in both the glass smashing incident and nude photo scandal, had disappeared from all digital platforms as of Thursday.

olivia mafs ukraine vladimir
Controversial MAFS bride Olivia Frazer appears to have deleted her social media. Source: Nine.

The star’s account, formerly under the tag @olivefrazer, has been removed.

Married at First Sight producers have control of participants’ Instagram accounts for two weeks after the show’s finale, so it is unclear if the account was deleted by Olivia or show executives (or if it was a joint decision).

Note: As of Friday afternoon Olivia has since reactivated her Instagram account.

mafs olivia instagram
Olivia’s Instagram, @olivefrazer, no longer exists. Source: Supplied.

What Else Have Producers Been Doing to Help Oliva After She Copped So Much Hate From MAFS?

Olivia, who said in an interview that she feels “more hated than Vladimir Putin,” has been public enemy number one as of late.

Accordingly, a number of sources have revealed to So Dramatic! that the former student teacher has not only been edited to soften her image but they have even reshot a few scenes! This has been done to combat public hate.

olivia deletes instagram
MAFS producers have edited Olivia’s scenes to soften her image. Source: Nine.

Olivia’s MAFS Final Date with Jackson Lonie was pulled from its original episode, re-edit and watered down, then aired on the following night.

Additionally, she was grilled by expert John Aiken at the final Commitment Ceremony for her role in the nude photo scandal, but it was axed.

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Olivia Is Not Coping with the Intense Backlash

Understandably, having this much bad press takes its toll, and as it turns out, the 27-year-old is not coping with the backlash.

According to an on-set source, all contestants were asked not to go too hard on Olivia during their media rounds. This was due to production company Endemol Shine’s “duty of care”.

mafs olivia tamara 2022
During media rounds following the final commitment ceremony, contestants were asked not to go too hard on Olivia. Source: Nine.

How Do MAFS Producers Monitor Social Media Hate?

As a part of their duty of care, producers take over newlyweds’ social media accounts each season.

They hold the accounts while the show is airing. They turn off commenting and delete all messages before giving the account back to the individual.

However, in In episode 68 of the So Dramatic! podcast, former bride Jaimie Gardner claimed she was the only contestant from the 2021 cast who did not have her inbox wiped.

chris jenson jaimie gardner mafs
MAFS 2021 contestant Jaimie Gardner has spoken about how she was impacted by social media hate. Source: Nine.

“I’ve had the general [trolls] that are carrying on about the trivial things and those types of comments… threats of being bashed, of people wanting to find you,” Jaimie stated. “‘Go kill yourself’ was written a few times.”

Jaimie had received the infamous “villain edit” and the hate was intense.

Given that Olivia’s actions were significantly more controversial than Jaimie’s we can imagine show executives would be doing all they can to ensure her safety.

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