The Married at First Sight Australia cast has very little control over their social media accounts while the show is airing. However, they may have more input into their Instagram captions than we originally thought!

Typically, contestants relinquish their socials to producers at the start of every season, but there’s one question we’ve long wondered: who TF is responsible for writing the captions on their Instagram posts?

As it turns out, they’re formed after a bit of a collaboration between contestants and producers.

beck zemeck mafs 2021
Beck Zemek has revealed to So Dramatic! who writes the Instagram captions on the cast’s accounts. Source: Nine.

In episode 170 of the So Dramatic! podcast, 2021 bride Beck Zemek revealed that the powers at be “control” what you write.

“The amount of times I wrote a caption and they’re just like, ‘No, you can’t write that [because] it doesn’t go with the storyline’,” she said as part of So Dramatic!‘s AFTERMAFS series.

However, she disclosed that the cast aren’t aware what storylines will play out as the episodes — and edits — hadn’t aired yet.

She continued: “So they will go, ‘No, you can’t say that’, or ‘Make it brief’… Then you’re getting… criticised based on the caption you put to a photo even though you don’t know what’s going to air.”

What Is the Process for Posting to Social Media While the Show Is Airing?

According to Beck, contestants are given “a whole lot of pictures” from upcoming episodes that they can use for Instagram posts.

“Obviously they’re just still photos, so you can only write what you think you can write,” she recalled.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Noting that “some people come up with some great content” based on what they’re given, the 28-year-old said sometimes “you just get really stuck”.

“You don’t want to… put your foot anywhere,” she explained, “But when you want to be vocal, they’ll come back and say ‘Sorry, it’s not approved’.

“‘You can’t say that’ or ‘you can’t mention that person’ or whatever it may be. There’s rules around it.”

Married at First Sight 2022 Hasn’t Been Without Social Media Blunders

Ahead of the Married at First Sight 2022‘s boys’ and girls’ nights, intruder-turned-cheater Daniel Holmes posted a loved-up snap of himself and new bae, Carolina Santos, to the ‘gram.

However, his caption raised a few eyebrows for a number of reasons — to start with, it seemed to refer to Carolina as a “man”!

“Tip toeing to kiss my man,” his caption read. Ouch!

daniel mafs instagram caption fail
Daniel’s Instagram caption took a subtle dig at his bae Carolina. Source: Instagram @_danielholmes_.

Clearly, someone’s made a huge faux pas and posted the caption to the wrong account!

So this blunder isn’t entirely Daniel’s fault, but it’s hilarious nonetheless!

carolina caption instagram editing fail mafs
Source: Instagram @carolinaschimidt.

His caption has since been amended, with the OG caption now sitting under a pic on CAROLINA’s account.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 170 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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