Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello may have come to blows in the boxing ring, but the real action happened amongst the rest of the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast in the crowd.

The two feuding TV grooms had it out on October 15 at a Team Ellis Boxing Match at Melbourne Pavilion, with Daniel taking out the win.

However, they weren’t the only participants to clash during the evening as awkward AF reunions and drama unfolded.

daniel holmes brent vitiello
Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello weren’t the only Married at First Sight 2022 cast members to fight at their boxing match. Source: Instagram.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, an onlooker reported that “it was pure chaos”, with one star already chucking their guts up BEFORE the event even started!

“One contestant was vomiting in the street before even going into the venue after drinking all afternoon,” they told the publication.

In perhaps the most random encounter, Tamara Djordjevic raged at Kate Laidlaw after she and her twin sister, Bec, reportedly attempted to sit with Brent’s ex-TV wife and her pals.

“F*ck off, go back to your own f*cking table,” she told her co-star.

The tense interaction came after Kate spoke out about Tamara’s abusive phone calls to co-stars during a girls’ night in April.

When asked about the confrontation on October 15, Kate confirmed that she and Tamara “stopped talking” after the girls’ weekend.

“I’d love if we could all be friends,” she said.

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Kate Laidlaw Has Hit Back at Claims She Attempted to Sit with Tamara Djordjevic

The TV bride has since addressed the altercation on her Instagram Story, clarifying that she “had no interest” in talking or sitting with Tamara.

“I was just saying hello to Anthony [Cincotta] and his gf [sic],” she wrote. “I was choosing to be civil and pleasant at a public event, clearly she couldn’t do the same.”

She continued by stating she’s “never been treated so badly”.

“Watching some of the other cast members laugh at her behaviour was truly hurtful. Adult women being mean girls and bullying is not cool; it’s embarrassing.”

kate laidlaw tamara altercation mafs
Kate clarified that she “had no interest” in sitting with Tamara. Source: Instagram,

Kate Laidlaw Also Reunited with Her Married at First Sight Husband, Matt Ridley

In a déjà vu moment of that chicken Twisties meeting, Kate and her TV hubby Matt Ridley also faced each other for the first time in months.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, this was the first time the duo had interacted after blocking each other due to Kate’s support of Matt’s ex-girlfriend, KJ White, whom he allegedly cheated on.

“He had a girlfriend [after the show], and she reached out to me – and he found out that I’d taken her side. We then blocked each other,” Kate clarified.

kate matt mafs 2022
Kate and her Married at First Sight husband, Matt Ridley, also had an awkward reunion at the boxing match. Source: Nine.

Married at First Sight‘s Matt Ridley Was Removed from Melbourne Pavilion BEFORE the Match Started

The publication also revealed that Matt was soon booted from the venue before the boxing even started due to “going a little too hard on the free drinks”.

He was reportedly escorted off the premises by security at 9 pm.

A So Dramatic! source also revealed that she and her boyfriend came across Matt at the event as the “MAFS gang were seated right next” to them.

Sharing a video from “right before he got kicked out”, the A+ spy said the TV groom was “a mess”.

“[My boyfriend] bought them a round of jager bombs and Matt had mine as well as his because I don’t like jager,” she said. “Then Matt bought us tequila shots and my boyfriend and I don’t drink tequila so Matt drank those too!

“He had four shots in about five minutes and he was already a mess!”

Brent Vitiello’s Girlfriend Was “Unimpressed” That His Married at First Sight 2022 Ex-“Wife” Was a Ring Girl

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, Brent’s ex, Tamara and Daniel’s ex, Carolina Santos, surprised onlookers when they appeared ahead of the fight as ring girls.

With the move leading to “boos and gasps from the audience”, Yahoo! Lifestyle said Brent’s girlfriend, Taylor Davey appeared “unimpressed”.

“He hasn’t even noticed,” Taylor reportedly said, laughing that her boyfriend hadn’t realised Tamara was ALSO in the ring.

While Brent and Daniel’s fight came to a not-so-dramatic conclusion, the same can’t be said for Jackson Lonie‘s stoush against 2021 Married at First Sight groom Sam Carraro.

Jackson was presented as the winner of the match after sending Sam to the ground with a knockout hit.

Domenica Calarco Had the Most HILARIOUS Reaction to All of the Boxing Drama

While she didn’t attend the event, Domenica didn’t let the opportunity slide to cast her opinion on the brouhaha.

After Pedestrian.TV posted about the fights to Instagram, the TV bride left a verrrry telling comment: a vomit emoji!

domenica comment boxing
Domenica let fans know how she really felt about the event. Source: Instagram.

TBH, that’s how we’re all feeling about the whole evening!!

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