During Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight Australia, fans noticed a prominent wound on Anthony Cincotta‘s forehead.

Heading into Confessions Week, Anthony and his TV bride Selin Mengu have been on a rocky road, to say the least.

However, it wasn’t only their trainwreck marriage that viewers couldn’t seem to look away from, but the blazing red cut the 38-year-old groom was sporting.

During Wednesday night's episode of Married at First Sight Australia, fans noticed a prominent wound on Anthony Cincotta's forehead.
Married at First Sight Australia fans noticed a prominent wound on Anthony Cincotta’s forehead. Source: Nine.

Now, an insider has revealed to So Dramatic! that the wound is the result of Anthony’s side gig, in which he works as a semi-pro wrestler.

Yep, aside from his day-to-day sales job, the groom performs under the stage name Tommy Hellfire. And apparently, this is a role he was still fulfilling while filming Married at First Sight late last year.

Those familiar with wrestling will be aware that the sport — especially in its entertainment form — can be extremely theatrical.

We’re talking John Cena WWE-type drama, with chair-throwing, glass shattering, you name it. It’s hectic AF.

Given this, it isn’t too surprising that off the back of a performance, Anthony has returned to the MAFS set with quite the memento from his wrestling gig.

What Else Do We Know About Anthony Cincotta’s Job?

For the most part, Anthony’s wrestling side-hustle involves a lot of acting, so it’s no shock that the father-of-one also has a few acting credits to his name, too.

Under his stage name, Tommy Hellfire, Anthony has just finished post-production on three films Evil Fred, Iniquitous and Lady Terror.

He’s also been in Cult Girls (2017) as a bouncer and also acted in the TV miniseries Dragon Force X (2017). He even performed as a stuntman in Sheborg in 2016. 

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