Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has entered the chat, giving her perspective on why Tamara Djordjevic lost her sh*t at Kate Laidlaw at the Team Ellis Boxing match on October 15.

ICYMI: A bunch of MAFS bros went head-to-head in the ring at Melbourne Pavilion. However, the most-talked-about incident from the night was Tamara telling Kate to “f*ck off” in a heated confrontation.

It came after the intruder bride reportedly tried to sit at her table, with tensions boiling over from April when Kate condemned Tamara for making “abusive” phone calls to other stars of the show.

Now, Olivia has weighed in on the drama, stating that Kate “brought it on herself” in a since-expired Instagram Story.

“She and her sister [Bec] had no reason being anywhere near that table,” she argued. “They had said some not very nice things about people who were seated at that table.

“So why they were hanging around is beyond me.”

The 29-year-old went on to “assume” the twins — who recently launched their joint OnlyFans page — “wanted the publicity and the photo ops”.

“But I’m not them, so I don’t know,” Olivia said.

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The controversial MAFS bride then added that things “escalated” because Kate and Bec didn’t leave the group alone, even though they’d been asked “nicely”.

“So the bottom line is that when you talk sh*t about people and you say some very unkind things about people and then try to buddy up to them and use them for publicity and get in shots and be all thirsty like that, you’re probably going to be told to f**k off.”

Carolina Santos Also Clarified What Went Down Between Kate and Tamara

In a Q&A on her Instagram Story on October 18, Carolina Santos was also asked what happened between the duo.

“My take… Tamara, Kate, Jess [Seracino] and myself caught up in Melb [sic] and had a big night out, got a lil’ too drunk and were naughty,” Carolina admitted, referring to the night the group made the contentious phone calls.

“Kate then said on multiple news outlets that she was embarrassed [and] did not want to be associated with us.”

carolina santos mafs
Carolina Santos also weighed in on the drama between Kate and Tamara. Source: Nine.

She continued by stating that “for some odd reason”, Kate wanted to “hang around the table paid by Tamara and others”.

“So because Kate spoke about not wanting to be associated with Tamara or us, Tamara didn’t want Kate hanging around.” We mean… fair enough?

According to Carolina, Jessica then asked Kate “to leave politely”; however, she “refused so was kindly asked to f*ck off from the table”.

carolina post tamara kate drama
Carolina said Kate “refused” to leave the table at the event. Source: Instagram.

“In reality, if you are going to openly speak sh*t about people then just don’t assume it’s all going to be okay,” she concluded.

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