It looks like The Block Australia 2022‘s Sarah-Jane Wilson is about to be called out by host Scott Cam for using production money to buy cigarettes.

During the September 26 episode of the show, Sarah-Jane may have shot herself in the foot by requesting a full financial audit after Omar Slaimankhel and Ozman “Oz” Malik bought a grand piano at a reduced cost.

ICYMI: All contestants are given a credit card (and a fairly tight budget) to buy building supplies, furniture and other items relating to their houses.

the block sarah-jane wilson
The Block 2022‘s Sarah-Jane Wilson was called out for using production’s money to buy cigarettes. Source: Nine.

According to Woman’s Day, the 30-year-old used $50 of The Block’s money for herself, while promising to pay production back.

However, thanks to Sarah-Jane’s “misdemeanour”, Nine will reportedly crack down on credit card misuse in 2023.

When Is The Block’s Sarah-Jane Called Out for Buying Cigarettes?

**SPOILER ALERT! Read on at your own risk!**

During the September 28 episode of The Block, all is revealed while Scotty goes on his weekly house visits with co-host Shelley Craft.

The outlets said that he used the opportunity to confront the social worker about her spending habits.

Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft confronted Sarah-Jane about the discrepancy. Source: Nine.

It was an especially embarrassing confrontation for Sarah-Jane and her husband Tom Calleja. They had kicked up a fuss after the infamous piano-gate incident, which prompted the full financial audit of all contestants.

The Block’s Scotty Cam Points Out an Audit “Discrepancy” with Sarah-Jane and Tom’s Spending Choices

Scotty claimed he’d been working “day and night” to finish the financial audit (sure you did, mate).

“We’re about halfway through [the audit], and there’s only been a few discrepancies. There are a couple of personal purchases with my money,” Scotty told Shelley.

the block contestants audit
It comes after suggested Tom and Sarah-Jane called for a full financial audit of all contestants. Source: Nine.

The former Saturday Disney star appeared overjoyed with hearing all the juicy goss, asking Scotty: “Like what?”

Scotty pointed the finger at Sarah-Jane and Tom for the “dodgy” purchase, which shocked the Blockheads.

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“It’s a misdemeanour. I’m sure it’s an oversight,” Scotty said. We can’t picture him giving that grace to House Three or Five!

“It’s just a couple of things that I shouldn’t mention,” he continued. “They’re about $50 bucks, and they’re in a small box.”

The Block 2022’s Sarah-Jane Wilson Admits to Using Production’s Money to Buy a VERY Personal Product

When it finally clicked what Scotty found during the audit, Sarah-Jane argued it was a “one-time” purchase.

“It’s my ciggies, and it was one time. I didn’t have my purse on me [sic],” she claimed.

sarah-jane tom the block 2022
Scotty pointed the finger at Sarah-Jane and Tom for the “dodgy” purchase. Source: Nine.

However, Shelley was having none of Sarah-Jane’s excuses, telling her: “That’s what they all say.”

Sarah-Jane admitted to her crime, telling The Block producers in an interview-to-camera that she was “guilty as charged”.

tom sarah-jane the block
Sarah-Jane admitted she was “guilty as charged” for the offence. Source: Nine.

“There’s no objection from here. I own it. I did it,” Sarah-Jane said.

Meanwhile, Tom was just hilariously stumped that cigarettes cost $50.

Oh, sweet summer child!

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