Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra‘s builders have hit back at claims that they stole and “ripped off” the team while filming The Block 2022.

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, on-set sources claimed that House Three’s building crew “f*cked them over big time” by allegedly stealing from the site, among other things.

This was reiterated in the September 26 episode, when Sharon and Ankur confronted their chippy Scotty and builder Liam after two extra basins went missing. An additional set of tiles was also reportedly ordered on their Beaumont Tiles account.

Now, as reported in episode 216 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one tradesman got in touch with host Megan Pustetto to rubbish the storyline as “completely untrue”.

According to the tradie, Sharon and Ankur were the ones screwing people around. In fact, “many trades” faced issues in being paid by the Blockheads.

“Many trades in our house had issues being paid by them throughout the entire 12 weeks of building,” he said. “It continued even after production had ended for months, I might add.”

scotty liam builders
Builders claim Sharon and Ankur failed to pay their tradesmen throughout The Block adequately. Source: Nine.

He continued by saying that he got the call up from Sharon as he’d completed two seasons of The Block in the past.

As such, she wanted “his knowledge” throughout the build.

“[We] tried to streamline the process for them as much as possible [and] even stayed late nearly all Saturday nights to do the caulking for them as they refused to learn,” he recalled.

Chippy Calls Out Sharon and Ankur for Blaming Them for The Block 2022 Blunders

In addition to putting caulking on the back burner, the builder said his team attempted to give Sharon and Ankur “painting lessons”.

“They didn’t take any of it on board,” he lamented. “We gave them walls to paint early in the week like in Living and Dining Week. We knew they had such a big painting job ahead of them, so we had plasterers stay most of the night Tuesday, so all the lower walls were ready to paint on Wednesday night.”

However, he claimed that “they never started painting [until] Saturday”.

“And then that’s our fault again.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The Block tradie said he aimed to go into every week “to create an amazing room”.

In addition, he “always pushed” his team to “get it done to a high level” with minimal defects.

“We can only give them the best chance to finish as the one job we are unable to do is paint.”

The Block 2022 Builder Scotty Called Out Sharon and Ankur On Instagram

Taking to Instagram as Living and Dining Week unfolded on-screen, Sharon and Ankur’s chippy Scotty called out House Three for undermining their commitment to the build.

Posting a screenshot of their abandoned toolbelts on the show, the tradie slammed the storyline that he and his team were nowhere to be found.

Chippy Scotty called out the show on Instagram for creating drama. Source: Nine.

“I didn’t realise that trades were supposed to be chained to site and unable to go and have a lunch break,” he penned.

Scotty recalled: “At this stage of the day, we knew we would be having to put in big hours to get the p.i.r board up and probably wouldn’t be knocking off till midnight.

“Also, you can’t exactly get uber eats where we were.” 

He added that it was “a little bit disappointing” to work a 17-hour day only to “hear comments that [they] are slacking off for taking 30-40 minutes to heat some food”.

scotty tradie the block sharon ankur instagram
Scotty said it was “disappointing” they were called out for taking a lunch break. Source: Instagram.

Scotty Slammed the Couple Again Upon The Block 2022 Living Room Reveal

Scotty called out Sharon and Ankur on September 25, when the living area was revealed.

It came after the duo slammed the build team for making an executive decision about whether their feature stacked stone wall.

“We already made the decision to try and go halfway and depending on time, do we go up further or do we not,” he wrote alongside a clip from the show.

“Just to be clear, [Sharon and Ankur] decided to go only halfway up on the fireplace and then when I tell them that they don’t have the time to go all the way up, all of a sudden I am the bad guy???”

He continued by saying the decision was made from a “trades perspective” and also to limit jeopardising good scores.

“We supported these guys through the whole process week in and week out, but there comes a time when reality needs to set in of where they are,” Scotty concluded.

Past The Block Contestants Have Defended Sharon and Ankur’s Chippy Scotty

After sharing Scotty’s response to The Block drama, 2019 contestants Andy and Deb Saunders came to his defence under So Dramatic!‘s post.

“That’s our chippie [sic]!” they penned.

“He is honest, hard working and genuine.”

andy deb the block chippy scotty
2019 contenders Andy and Deb Saunders defended Scotty on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

They concluded by saying that they, too, “hated” the stealing storyline.

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