There’s a cheating scandal coming to The Block 2022, and if you thought you’d heard this somewhere before, it’s because we’ve already been through this. Last year.

In case you forgot, during the 2021 season, a photo was leaked by Tanya Guccione and her husband Vito which showed the production schedule for the upcoming room builds.

And now, Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra are embroiled in some misconduct of their own during the August 30 episode.

According to New Idea, the drama surrounds the couple who try to gain an advantage during a wine-themed task when they Googled the name of a type of wine…and huh? Isn’t this a reno show?

“Sharon and Ankur’s behaviour left a lot to be desired… No one is happy. Everyone wishes they’d just been honest,” an insider told the publication.

Apparently, Scott Cam then gives the couple a chance to apologise to the group.

Scott Cam Says Sharon and Ankur “Lied to His Face” Amid $50,000 Cheating Scandal

In a new promo for the episode, Scotty is left fuming after he tells the other Blockheads about the scandal.

“This is the night the $50,000 scandal hits The Block,” a voiceover says before the host says, “They’ve lied to our faces!”

Contestants then scramble to figure out what has happened.

What Have Sharon and Ankur Said About Cheating?

In a new interview with TV Week, Sharon and Ankur denied any wrongdoing.

“We weren’t telling the other contestants we Googled it because… it’s a competition, and it was time for us to finally get competitive,” Sharon told the outlet.

The star said they “knew the wine well and have been presented it many times”.

“We knew the wine well and have been presented it many times. We knew it wasn’t cheating because it wasn’t against the rules to search it.”

sharon johal the block 2022
Sharon and Ankur denied any wrongdoing. Source: Nine.

The scandal comes after Sharon was forced to defend the internet trolls attacking her during the show’s run.

The actress-turned-Blockhead claimed many of the naysayers’ tweets about her were “personal”.

Sharon hit back at trolls on Twitter who said she was fake crying, reminding viewers she was a “real person” who reads “the mean-spirited things you say”.

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