Scott Cam has come out swinging (again), saying he had no idea why Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull left The Block Australia 2022.

The long-time host has revealed that production was left in the dark as to why the Former AFL player Joel and his influencer fiancee Elle left without warning.

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Scott Cam has come out swinging again, saying he had no idea why Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull’s left The Block Australia 2022. Source: Nine.

In a new interview with, the host said the controversial pair had left with “no explanation”.

“They didn’t give us a reason why they were leaving,” he told the outlet. “They never mentioned anything to us about visiting their sick mother.

“In fact, we flew them to Adelaide before The Block started for a week and put them up in a hotel so they could see [Joel’s mother], and they came back and said everything’s fine.”

Apparently the cast and crew were left stunned after Joel and Elle left, saying they packed up in the middle of the night.

“I still don’t know why they left. They never mentioned their sick mother in the 48 hours before they left, or after they left. The executive producer spoke to them (after they left) and they didn’t mention their sick mother then either.”

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Scott Cam (pictured) has finally addressed the “elephant in the room” after claiming it was “p*ss-poor” that two contestants leftThe Block Australia just days into the show’s filming schedule. Source: Nine

Scotty initially slammed the duo, describing their behaviour as “p*ss-poor”, while claiming that the couple just couldn’t hack it on a construction site. However, The Block host has since addressed his controversial comments.

Scott Cam Claimed Joel and Elle Dropping Out Caused a Lot of “Angst” and Cost Production a LOT of Money

At a June 24 media event, Scott joked that he should “address the elephant in the room” before suggesting his comments were just part of his larrikin charm and he actually wished “Joel and Elle success in the future”.

“I want to say that that’s just me, that’s just me being me,” he said.

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“They created a fair bit of chaos for us here in the first 48 hours of the show. We put a lot of time and money into the start of our show, and then we had to re-jig the whole thing.

“The promos had to be re-shot. It just was a lot of angst on our part, when they just departed the way they did,” he explained.

But Scott also doubled down on his initial allegations that Joel and Elle just couldn’t handle the pressure.

“Joel and Elle, I hope they go well and have great success in the future. Sometimes The Block is not for everybody, and when I say those words, that’s just Scott Cam speaking from the heart.”

What Did Scotty Really Say About Joel and Elle’s Departure from The Block?

Chatting to TV Tonight Scott claimed Joel and Elle “scarpered” just two days into filming the first challenge.

“[Elle and Joel] got on and they just couldn’t handle the pace after 48 hours. Which to me is a bit un-Australian!” Scott confessed, adding: “Have a go!”

The 59-year-old went on to say that 45,000 people applied for The Block to win “life-changing money”.

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