There’s a second cheating scandal set to rock The Block Australia 2022 and this one is much bigger than Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra’s #Winegate!

ICYMI: A few weeks ago, Sharon and Ankur were in hot water after “cheating” in a wine challenge, with the subsequent events causing them to want to vacate the premises.

Now, another couple is about to wreak havoc on set, and it makes Tanya and Vito Guccione‘s cheating scandal from 2021 look like child’s play!

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There’s a second cheating scandal set to rock The Block Australia 2022 and it doesn’t involve Sharon and Ankur! Source: Nine.

As reported in episode 213 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Omar Slaimankhel and Ozman “Oz” Abu Malik‘s actions are questioned.

According to an on-set insider, “there’s a lot of bad sh*t that goes down with Omar and Oz” this season.

“They did a lot of stuff during the season that wasn’t above board,” the source dished. “They put something in their house that was against The Block rules.”

The team also broke the rules regarding sponsorships, which gave them a “huge advantage” over the other teams.

omar and oz the block 2022
Omar Slaimankhel and Ozman “Oz” Abu Malik’s actions on The Block gave them a huge advantage. Source: Nine.

“They end up being disqualified during the judging that week and they lose three points because Scotty ruled that they cheated,” the source said and OMG!

What Did Omar and Oz do to Get Them Disqualified on The Block 2022?

“There were rumours that they had people working on their house for free,” another on-set source revealed. “Which is obviously against The Block rules. They weren’t paying their tradies and were doing some handshake deals.”

Foreman Dan Reilly calls them “dodgy” because they were being very “sneaky” with their build.

omar and oz dodgy The Block 2022 cheating scandal
“There were rumours that they had people working on their house for free,” an on-set source revealed. Source: Nine.

“They were doing dodgy building things the whole way through,” the insider said. “The other contestants were so suss on them that they called for an official audit into their finances.”

The So Dramatic! spy was unsure whether everything would make the final edit because they were being “protected” due to concerns over targeting them due to their religion.

A Source Revealed that a Producer Told Omar and Oz they Wouldn’t Get a “Bad Edit”

Another insider revealed that the way Omar and Oz had been portrayed was due to the fact that producers told the Blockheads they wouldn’t get a bad edit, due to being “Muslim and the backlash” it would cause.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“They’ve been favourably portraying the boys as ‘positive and happy-go-lucky’, and that’s not the reality of how they were like at all,” the source said.

“They were the actual villains and constantly broke the rules and cheated.”


So Dramatic! has reached out to Nine for comment.

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