A series of leaked text messages allege that The Block 2022‘s Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik had help from an interior stylist during the competition and that takes us up to cheating scandal 982 this season.

What was once a wholesome AF show about renovating has seen its 18th season shrouded in scandal.

From Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra seemingly cheating during a wine-tasting challenge, to Omar and Oz’s “dodgy” trades, it’s been a hell of a season — just not a hell of a lot of building.

Now, the best mates from Sydney — who have been heralded for their good taste — are wrapped up in drama and cheating accusations again, with texts allegedly between Omar and a stylist leaking in a The Block Facebook fan group.

omar oz the block leaked texts
Leaked texts allege that Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik had help from a stylist during The Block 2022. Source: Nine.

Taking to the group on September 19, one user shared the texts, claiming to “have some gossip”.

“It seems Omar & Oz HAVE been communicating with a local Stylist regularly,” they wrote.

In the screenshots, it appears that Omar and the unnamed stylist often went back and forth over styling choices for House Five.

In one thread, the stylist told Omar to “do shaker style with brass handles”.

“For guest room as well so the house [matches],” they wrote.

Omar responded: “Yeah doing it for all to match.”

ICYMI: It’s a big no-no to have external help when it comes to styling on The Block, as it’s a key element when it comes to room reveals. In fact, it is against Block rules i.e. cheating.

More Leaked Messaged Show The Block 2022‘s Omar Asking for the Stylist’s Opinion

Three more screenshots were also provided, in which Omar asked the stylist’s opinion on including a baby grand piano in their living area.

“Was wondering [sic] you know how we have an open living place… I was thinking of doing a baby grand piano,” the former NRL player penned.

“Hmmm I dunno do you have the space?” the stylist wrote back. “Would the acoustics work?”

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Omar then wrote back on May 20 that they “have a lot of space”, although they weren’t currently working on the living room.

“I just want it to tie in the black kitchen cabinetry.”

Omar later asked the alleged stylist on June 9 whether someone named “Mohammed” would assist in tiling their upcoming mud room and powder room.

The Block‘s Omar and Oz’s Wives Allegedly Communicated with the Stylist As Well

Naturally, The Block fans were curious as to how the Facebook user came across these messages, which appeared to be leaked by the stylist themself.

However, the original poster — and an administrator of the fan group — said they will “never say who gives [them] info as many [people] do”.

Still, they did let slip that Omar and/or Oz’s wives allegedly assisted with communications too.

“[They] even have the wife messaging on their behalf,” they revealed.

Some weren’t totally convinced, though.

“And here’s me coming from a logical standpoint… Are we sure these messages aren’t fake?” one user asked.

The admin responded: “I have verified & dates and time on there. Even have his wife messaging,” they reiterated.

omar oz stylist the block group
One fan questioned the legitimacy of the texts, however, was shut down by the OG poster. Source: Supplied.

When contacted by So Dramatic!, Channel Nine declined to comment.

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