The Block 2022‘s Omar Slaimankhel and Ozman “Oz” Malik‘s property could be the top pick on auction day thanks to a very enticing secret weapon.

The best buds from Western Sydney have quickly put their best foot forward, despite not having any previous renovation experience.

While fans were worried that at times Omar and Oz were disadvantaged, a recent leak shows why they still might come out on top.

omar oz the block
The Block‘s Omar Slaimankhel and Ozman “Oz” Abu Malik’s property has a very enticing secret weapon. Source: Nine.

As reported in episode 209 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a Melbourne piano salesman spilled that he supplied House Five with what could be their winning ticket — a grand piano!

In a since-deleted post, John Martin from Wertheim Piano said he attended a recent open day at the Gisborne site after helping the boys with their new instrument.

“The open day was fantastic. Was great to see the support given to the contestants Omar and Ozzy [sic],” he wrote in a fan group for The Block.

“The Wertheim grand piano was sensational for that room. Who ever [sic] gets house 5 will be living the dream…”

omar oz piano
A piano salesman spilled on the boys’ piano purchase. Source: Facebook.

In later comments, he teased that Omar and Oz’s finished property “is beautiful”.

“I hope they do really well in the auction.” Us, too!

It is unclear whether the team won the piano or purchased it. But whatever the case, someone defs dropped a lotta cash on it, with Wertheim Piano’s website listing grand pianos from $16,495.

Fans Called Out The Block for “Unfair” Challenge That Excluded Omar and Oz

During the August 30 episode of The Block, Omar and Oz could not complete an “unfair” wine-making challenge worth $100,000 due to their religion.

Producers were already aware that Oz and Omar are practising Muslims, as they were observing Ramadan during the first few weeks of shooting.

However, Scotty Cam proclaimed he had “another surprise that he had “organised for everyone” before whisking the Blockheads away in private helicopters to compete for the “biggest prize ever“.

Omar and Oz winery challenge the block
Omar and OZ weren’t able to complete an “unfair” challenge. Source: Nine.

When they arrived at the winery, Shelley Craft was forced to let Omar and Oz know they wouldn’t be completing a large proportion of the challenge. The prize was $100,000 worth of wine, with two duos taking home $50,000 each.

Fans immediately took to social media to share their outrage at the lack of inclusion since drinking alcohol is strictly haraam (forbidden) in Muslim culture.

“That’s f*cked. Organise a different challenge,” one viewer penned.

Another wrote: “Why are they even offering that challenge when they know they have Muslim contestants? Sounds a bit fked [sic].”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

However, the boys took the disadvantage in their stride, declaring that sitting out gave the other teams a better chance of winning.

“The reason we couldn’t take part in [the wine-making challenge was] because we couldn’t taste it,” Oz said. “Our belief is we can’t drink alcohol.

“We gave them another chance for the other for contestants to win.”

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