The Block 2022 contestants Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik could not complete in an “unfair” wine-making challenge worth $100,000 because of their religion.

During the August 30 episode, fans immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to share their outrage at the lack of inclusion since drinking alcohol is strictly haraam (forbidden) in Muslim culture.

To make matters worse, The Block producers were already aware that Oz and Omar are practising Muslims, as they were observing Ramadan during the first few weeks of shooting.

Omar and Oz winery challenge the block
The Block 2022‘s Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik weren’t able to complete an “unfair” $100,000 wine-making challenge. Source: Nine.

Despite this, Scotty Cam proclaimed he had “another surprise that he had “organised for everyone” before whisking the Blockheads away in private helicopters to compete for the “biggest prize ever“.

When they arrived at the winery, Shelley Craft was forced to let Omar and Oz know they wouldn’t be completing a large proportion of the challenge. The prize was $100,000 worth of wine, with two duos taking home $50,000 each.

The block challenge
The Blockheads were told they would be competing for the “biggest prize ever”. Source: Nine.

“The reason we couldn’t take part in [the wine-making challenge was] because we couldn’t taste it. Our belief is we can’t drink alcohol. We gave them another chance for the other for contestants to win,” Oz said.

The Block Fans Pointed Out How Unfair The Winery Challenge Was For Oz and Omar

While Omar and Oz could compete for one-half of the $50,000 by designing a wine label, they were pretty clearly at a disadvantage compared with the other teams.

the block omar oz challenge
Omar and Oz were able to compete for one-half of the $50,000 by designing a wine label. Source: Nine.

Fans questioned why The Block producers would design such an “unfair” challenge, with many viewers coming to the same conclusion – it was all for a sponsorship.

Because, you know, why would they create equal opportunities for all their contestants regardless of culture and religious beliefs when they could rake in that sweet spon moolah? (Note to The Block producers: That was sarcasm).

Some fans suggested the sponsorship may have already been organised before the contestants were finalised, but viewers were split on whether the wine-making portion of the challenge should have gone ahead or not.

the block challenge
Fans questioned why The Block producers would design such an “unfair” challenge, Source: Facebook.

Others congratulated Omar and Oz for standing by their beliefs, even with a huge cash prize in the balance.

Most agreed that despite the dodgy inclusion on behalf of the producers, the boys still gave great representation to their community.

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