More damning allegations have surfaced about the “inhumane” conditions that The Block Australia 2022 contestants had to endure during filming – an infestation of rats. Gross!

During the September 18 episode, Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson laughed off The Daily Telegraph‘s published claims that the Blockheads experienced inadequate amounts of food and water, freezing temperatures and a lack of toilet paper while filming the show’s 18th season.

As reported in episode 215 of So Dramatic! podcast, yet another insider has spoken out about the living conditions, with a truly disgusting new addition to the long list of inadequacies — vermin.

sarah-jane the block rat infestation
Even more allegations about The Block‘s filming conditions have surfaced which include a rat infestation. Source: Nine.

The Block houses were riddled with mice and rats. It was inhumane,” an insider told host Megan Pustetto. “Especially the first few weeks when we had nowhere to sleep because none of the rooms had been built.

“But even then, the rats were everywhere. You could hear them running through the house when you were trying to sleep or they would show up dead when you were building.”

The source went on to reaffirm the initial claims that the entire cast was forced to live in freezing cold, uninsulated rooms.

the block inhumane conditions
The entire cast of The Block was forced to live in freezing conditions during filming. Source: Nine.

“It was also freezing cold in the houses with no insulation or power. To expect anyone to sleep there is just horrible,” they said.

Did the “Inhumane” Conditions Prompt Elle Ferguson and Joel Patful to Leave The Block?

It comes after a crew member from The Block revealed in episode 197 of the So Dramatic! podcast that the conditions partially prompted Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull to leave.

“[There was minimal] toilet paper, food, or any of the support around them, so they walked off for those reasons, but used the family thing to cover it up,” they said.

elleferguson joel patfull
The brutal conditions partially prompted Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull to leave the show after just 48 hours. Source: Nine.

It was one of the many suspected reasons Elle and Joel left. The duo spectacularly ditched production after Joel’s mother reportedly had a nasty fall.

However, several sources have since claimed the pair just couldn’t hack it in the intense competition.

The Block’s Tom and Sarah-Jane Address the Published Allegations

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The contestants were described in The Daily Telegraph as “literally starving, freezing cold and completely exhausted”, with “barely have any food” available.

“Some days a muesli bar and apple is as good as it gets. There is a catering tent on site, but that is for the production staff only. Everyone is starving, exhausted and stressed,” they said.

rat infestation sara-jane tom
Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson have laughed off the Daily Telegraph’s claims of inhumane conditions on The Block. Source: Nine.

Sarah-Jane and Tom were handed a newspaper in order to address the publication’s claims while sitting down at McDonalds, one of the show’s major sponsors.

The couple joked that they had actually gained weight while on the show, so there was no way they were starving.

Not sure that’s how it works, guys!

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