The Block Australia 2022 fans are torn as to whether they empathise with Rachel Carr or start handing her Sharon Johal’s “villain” crown.

The Tree Change latecomer was left shocked after finding out former Blockhead Ronnie Caceres had been called in by host Scotty Cam to teach Sharon and her husband Ankur Dogra how to paint.

rachel carr ronnie sharon johal the block
Rachel Carr was shocked to find out former Blockhead Ronnie Caceres teach Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra how to paint. Source: Nine.

Rachel felt it was unfair for Sharon and Ankur to be getting extra help, especially as The Block’s resident painting expert Ronnie seemed to be pitching in with the “villain” couple’s workload.

When she confronted Ronnie about the situation, he explained that former contestants were allowed to help out.

Hearing this, Rachel tried to get Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie‘s phone numbers from Ronnie in order to even out the playing field.

While some The Block fans believed she had every right to be upset, others felt she was seriously overacting.

Some fans believed Rachel had every right to be upset, but others felt she was overacting. Source: Nine.

However, many pointed out that Rachel and her husband Ryan Carr only had just days to prepare for the series after they were called onto the show to replace Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull, making the experience all the more overwhelming.

Fans Questioned Whether Producers Were “Sucking Up” to Sharon and Ankur After They Threatened to Leave

Many fans agreed with Rachel’s thinking that Sharon and Ankur were being given an unfair advantage, both with Ronnie’s painting expertise and their win in the antiques mini-challenge.

After being set a challenge to find a valuable antique for $100 that could be put in their kitchen, Sharon and Ankur won after choosing a full-length mirror as their item.

You know, for all the times you need to do a ‘fit check while cooking your eggs in the morning.

ankur dogra ronnie rachel
Many fans agreed that Sharon and Ankur being helped by The Block’s resident painting expert Ronnie was unfair. Source: Nine.

Viewers began questioning whether producers were “sucking up” to the controversial couple, after they threatened to leave in previous episodes.

If that’s the case, it seems to have majorly backfired on the showrunners as they’ve only started pushing Rachel over the edge instead!

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