The Block 2023 is now taking casting applications but you’ve gotta get in quick if you want your emotional breakdown to be televised next year.

We’ve already seen so much go down on Tree Change season — Blockheads brought to tears, rat infestations, theft allegations, cheating scandals, blatant racism and one couple ditching after just 48 hours. And that’s just 2022!

If you reckon you can beat those scandals; ooft, do we have the casting application for you!

sharon johal ankur dogra crying tradies
If you want your emotional breakdown to be televised nationally in 2023, The Block is casting now! Source: Nine.

What Can You Expect from The Block 2023?

The Block 2023 is searching for long-term couples, family teams and enduring friendships to apply.

The casting application notes that previous home renovation experience is an asset, but not required from either partner.

But TBH, based on Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra getting slammed by viewers and their own tradies for having zero experience, we’d probs recommend someone know how to paint.

Hilariously, the casting call literally warns potential applicants to read the description carefully.

It comes after Scotty Cam slammed Sharon and Ankur — not to mention notorious ditchers Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull — for not knowing what they were “getting themselves into”.

elle joel the block 2022
Scotty Cam slammed ditchers Elle Ferguson and Joel Pattful for having no idea what they were “getting themselves into”. Source: Nine.

The casting call reveals that the couples will be filming for 10-12 weeks from early March 2023, with the location yet to be confirmed. Well, except we’ve already leaked where it’s gonna be. Whoops!

If that doesn’t put you off, get your plaid wallpaper ideas ready and send in your applications for The Block 2023 here.

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