The Block 2022’s Sharon Johal has called out trolls on Instagram who sent her private messages steeped in racism.

Since the show began airing, the former Neighbours star has been vocal about her “villain” edit and subsequent trolling on social media.

On August 31, Sharon shared two horrific DMs that she received by posting them to her Story.

Sharon Ankur The Block
The Block 2022’s Sharon Johal has called out trolls who sent her racist private messages on Instagram. Pictured with husband Ankur Dogra. Source: Nine.

**Trigger Warning: The racist content has been censored but may trigger some readers.**

One troll has over 1000 followers, while the other account appeared to have been just to message the Blockhead.

“You filthy cheating Indian c**t. Get out of our f*cking country,” an anonymous troll wrote before sending a second message.

“Dirty lying c**ts, both of you filthy f*cking grubby pieces of sh*t! Deny all you f*cking like; we all seen [sic] you search it on your f*cking phones. F*cking cheats, that’s all you two dogs are. F*ck off back to your own f*cking country, you s*rubber b*tch! Your day is coming, mole!”

While another said: “You probably should have stuck to cooking curry in the kitchen!”

sharon johal racist messages
On August 31, Sharon shared two direct messages that she received on Instagram from racist trolls. Source: Instagram.

Sharon shared both messages without censoring their usernames or comments.

Sharon Johal’s Latest TikTok Addressed Her “Cheating Scandal” on The Block 2022

Since The Block 2022 started airing in early August, Sharon and her husband Ankur Dogra have been thrown into the reality TV deep end.

The most recent “cheating” controversy occurred during the August 30 episode, after they searched for a “recipe” for Samantha’s Paddock wines and won $50,000 in the wine-making challenge.

Sharon Ankur The Block
Sharon and her husband Ankur Dogra have received the “villain edit” on The Block. Source: Nine.

The seemingly manufactured scandal seemed to be what sparked the latest onslaught of hateful messages.

The actress addressed the drama on TikTok, reminding viewers that “no cheating occurred”.

“There were no rules against using phones or researching – we all did,” she wrote on the video, before adding: “We told production and the winemaker we had tasting notes from the start.”

@sharon_johal Did this “ cheating scandal” successfully drum up ratings? The answer is also YES! 😅 (comments are disabled due to all the trolling/threats made because of this fake news, cheers mates) Be smarter, friends, it’s just a show ❤️ #icouldasaid ♬ Originalton – kida

Sharon also alleged they were “encouraged” to “not share [their] advantage with contestants”.

In the caption, she wrote” “Did this ‘cheating scandal’ successfully drum up ratings? The answer is also YES! 😅”

She disabled the comments because of the “trolling” and “threats” made due to the “fake news”.

“Be smarter, friends, it’s just a show,” she reminded fans.

Sharon Johal Addressed The Block 2022’s “Cheating Scandal” on Instagram

The Blockhead has also been addressing the various controversies on her shared Instagram account with Ankur.

After their recipe-Googling scandal, Ankur and Sharon captioned their Insta post: “Big kisses for the smart win. Hubby nailed it!”

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They also directly addressed the drama, reminding viewers there were “absolutely no rules that we cannot use our phones or search the net/google anything”.

They added the hashtags “#smartmove #notcheating #somuchdrama”.

Unsurprisingly, the couple has turned off their comments on Instagram.

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