The Block 2022′s Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra have leaked private texts with builder Liam after a fight about communication erupted during the August 29 episode of the hit reno show.

“Liam the builder” was fuming after the Blockheads left him out of the loop while he was on break for a week, claiming they should have thanked him for their guest bedroom win and updated him on the plans for the following week.

Sharon Ankur The Block
Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra leaked their private texts during the August 29 The Block episode. Source: Nine.

Liam then texted Sharon and Ankur at 3:30 am to “voice his frustration”, saying they didn’t share their appreciation for “the hard work everyone does”.

Ironically, the couple specifically thanked “everybody involved” on their Instagram post about the win, which was posted long after the drama.

Sharon Johal Reveals the Private Message That Liam Sent to The Block Couple at 3:30 in the Morning

Sharon’s lawyer background reared its head, bringing up texts on her phone because she didn’t want to “misrepresent” what was said. Receipts, receipts, receipts!

“I think irrespective of how you guys are feeling from a win, loss or otherwise, I deserve at least a text of the outcome and future week,” the text began.

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The former Neighbours star put more emphasis on the “I” as she read out the text. The shade!

The lengthy text also explained the tradies deserved a “thank you” for “putting their lives on hold, for waiting to come with next to no notice, for making this work within their regular businesses [and] for some of us, not seeing our regular families for days”.

Liam’s text concluded: “The list of impacts goes on, and a message of appreciation makes an impact.”

ankur sharon the block leaked texts
Sharon’s lawyer background jumped out as she brought the texts up on her phone because she didn’t want to “misrepresent” what was said. Source: Nine.

The Block‘s editing implied Sharon responded with her text, and let’s just say she didn’t hold back!!

“I don’t think you understand how f*cked Sundays are with the requirements of the show and interviewed all day and no sleep the night before and lead up, and we knew [Scotty the chippie] would let you know,” Sharon replied.

But she definitely made us question whether that entire text was real, posting a TikTok on August 30 that she was given the “villain edit” this week.


Exaggerated drama. Lack of context. Edits. If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard

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She claimed the feud was “exaggerated” and the showrunners created drama out of “lack of context”.

“If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard [sic],” Sharon said. Hmmmm.

Why Didn’t The Block’s Sharon and Ankur Initially Text Their Builder Liam?

On The Block, Sharon explained they didn’t contact Liam because they didn’t want to “bother” him while he was on holiday, instead communicating with the “Scotty the chippie”.

“He wasn’t there. It wasn’t an ordinary week. If he was there, of course, we would send him a message and say, ‘hey, this week we’ve got the master bedroom’,” Sharon said.

ankur liam the block
Sharon and Ankur didn’t contact Liam (pictured right) because they didn’t want to “bother” him on holiday. Source: Nine.

She added: “We called Scotty because Scotty was there, and we knew Liam was coming back a day or two later.”

While Sharon felt that was something for the two tradies to work out between themselves, Ankur pointed out that their own “inexperience in this process” led to the clash.

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