After regaining partial access to their Instagram accounts two weeks ago, the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast has finally reclaimed full control of their social media accounts.

While they have been posting up a storm for a fortnight now, the contestant’s accounts were still partly controlled and monitored by Married at First Sight producers.

As of April 27, they have full reign of their freshly-grown platforms and, naturally, some are already causing chaos.

mafs cast
The MAFS cast’s Instagram accounts are no longer controlled at all by producers. Source: Nine.

Daniel Holmes Makes a Wild Claim On Instagram

MAFS pot-stirrer Daniel Holmes returned to Instagram with a wild AF claim.

The groom – who was involved in the season’s first cheating scandal – changed his Instagram bio to read “MAFS 2022 Winner”.

IDK what world he is living in, but he was forced to leave the show after his wife left him only a week in, was brutally roasted by the experts for pursuing a relationship with Carolina Santos, and shamed on Twitter for heisting a heap of YouFoodz from the Skye Suites fridge.

mafs daniel holmes instagram
Daniel Homes’ bio claims he was the “winner” of MAFS‘ ninth season. Source: Nine.

Dion Giannarelli Makes a HUGE Announcement

Upon returning to the ‘Gram, Dion Giannarelli has unveiled his new $480million business venture.

The groom uploaded a series of posts relating to the Giannarelli Group’s new project; a redevelopment of Mariners Cove Marina on the Gold Coast.

The plans look boujee AF, and if you want even more details of the development (trust us, you WANT to see these pics), you can check it out here.

Selina Chhaur Reveals She Has Had a Major Makeover

Selina Chhaur marked her return to a post-MAFS Instagram by showing off her recent makeover!

The bride – who was known for her signature blonde locks and blue contact lenses during the experiment – took to the feed to reveal her new ‘do.

The Adelaide local has opted to dye her hair a stunning chocolate brown colour and has ditched the blue lenses in favour of her natural darker eyes.

She has also tagged her hairdressing account in her bio, so if any of you MAFS fans want to look as good as she does, then you know where to head!

Resident Grudge-Holder Olivia Frazer Changes Her Tune

Despite repeatedly expressing that she loves to hold a grudge (remember that little girl who did her wrong in kindergarten?), Olivia Frazer‘s first freedom post on the ‘gram suggests she’s changed her tune.

Posting a snap of herself enjoying a cocktail in the sun, the 28-year-old penned: “Cheers to getting better and not staying bitter.”

The bride’s new bio also reads more positively, with Olivia writing that she is “here for a good time.” This is followed by the email of talent manager Max Markson, who she recently signed with.

She also took to her Instagram Story to share a quick clip of herself and Jackson enjoying the sunset by a foreshore.

oliva frazer instagram story mafs
Olivia also took to her Instagram Story. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

“Happy honeys,” she mused.

Tamara Djordjevic Is Turning Over a New Leaf… Kinda?

Tamara Djordjevic is another MAFS 2022 bride taking the zen route and realigning with her *true values*.

“Never take advice from someone who’s life you wouldn’t want to live, [sic]” she captioned a sultry snap of herself.

Is this a sign that she’s STILL not going to listen to her TV bae Brent Vitiello? After all, she wouldn’t want to live the life of an “unambitious” hospo worker, would she?

The 29-year-old also plugged her TikTok account on her Instagram Story, amid a bunch of snaps and videos of her pooch.

Her bio also still mentions the show. So, she’s still trying to milk it for all the brand deals that it’s worth, clearly!

Brent Vitiello Took a Dig at Tamara Djordjevic

Our collective boyfriend Brent made the most of his Instagram freedom by taking a jab at his MAFS “wife” Tamara.

The 33-year-old updated his bio to feature his ICONIC line from his Final Vows, where he told his bride: “Good luck, good riddance,” before yeeting his vows into the abyss.

brent vitiello mafs instagram
Brent’s bio still contains a nod to his MAFS journey. Source: Instagram @brentleon_.

His brand-spankin’-new bio also features a link to his and bestie Al Perkins‘ joint account. Oh, and he got a fresh profile pic and is it hot in here or is that just us?

Additionally, one of his first freedom Stories was of him hanging with Love Island star Taku Chimwaza. This was the MAFS x Love Island crossover we never knew we needed.

mafs brent vitiello love island taku chimwaza
Brent was at an event with Love Island star Taku Chimwaza. Source: Instagram @brentleon_

Al Perkins’ New Profile Pic Is Melting Our Hearts

Like his buddy Brent, Al’s first course of action was to wipe his Instagram of the cheesy MAFS bio and replace it with a shoutout to The Life of Brent and Al.

He also changed his profile pic so bye-by bébé groom Al and hello Al holding a puppy. Aw!

Al’s bio also features the email of his new management, The MGMT. Brent is represented by the same company.

mafs al perkins instagram
Al Perkins’ new Instagram profile picture is too cute! Source: Instagram @al.perkinss

Domenica Calarco Gave Her Fave Food a Shoutout

Domenica Calarco is leading the MAFS pack with an astounding 493k Instagram followers at the time of writing.

Since nabbing her Instagram login back from MAFS producers, she has updated her profile pic to a sultry film snap, and changed her bio to “Me, my dog and I”.

She also uploaded a Story of some vegemite toast. Very on brand!

Jack Millar

Domenica’s former-other-half Jack Millar has updated his profile picture to a pic of him with his dog, Finn.

The Sydneysider still retains his MAFS-producer-appointed bio, for now.

Jack has already posted several snaps with his pooch whilst he has had somewhat control of his account.

The rest of the MAFS cast has been a little slower to update their Instagram accounts. But don’t worry, when they do, we will be sure to bring you all the beef!

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