The 2021 season’s drama and amazing renovations has reminded us why exactly The Block is one of Australia’s most beloved reality TV shows. 

Through the highs, lows, brutal gruellings from the judges, and ultimately, the auctions, we have grown to love each and every Blockhead that has graced our screens since the show premiered in 2003!

Here’s a reminder of all the winners from over the last eighteen seasons, and a quick snoop into what they’re up to now!

Adam Thorn and Fiona Mills – The Block 2003

Adam and Fiona were the first winners ever on The Block. Source: Channel Nine

The Block’s very first winners couple Adam and Fiona were fan-favourites from the start. Their ground-floor Bondi flat won them the series, collecting a profit of a cool $156,000 at auction.

Today, Adam works for Freedom kitchens and Fi works in the beauty industry. However, the pair are still working on renovation projects, most recently snapping up a federation-style house in Coogee.

The couple have also released a book, Adam and Fiona’s Renos On A Budget: How We Renovated Our Way To The Block.

Andrew and Jamie Rochford – The Block 2004

Andrew and Jamie won The Block in 2004. Source: Channel 9.

After entering The Block on a whim, couple Andrew and Jamie Rochford ended up taking out the win, with a $178,000 profit at the auction of their renovated Manly home.

Since appearing on their series, Andrew has developed quite the resume, getting his Doctorate at the University of Sydney and co-hosting Channel Tens Breakfast Program.

He is currently a National Medical Editor for Seven Network and a regular panelist for Channel Ten’s The Project, acting as their primary Covid reporter throughout the pandemic.

After the pair’s success in the 2004 season, Jamie opened an interior design business, but today focuses primarily on personal projects and raising the children she shares with Andrew.

John and Neisha Pitt – The Block 2010

2010 winners, Josh and Neisha, are all smiles after they won Season 3. Source: Channel Nine

After a six year-long break, The Block returned with a bang in 2010!

High school sweethearts John and Neisha Pitt won the series with a profit of $305,000 in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Vaucluse.

The couple have continued to flip investment properties, most recently a 1928 Bexley home. They have two children, and currently live in Illawong, in a home that is fittingly renovated to the absolute nines.

Polly and Waz Jones – The Block 2011

Fan Faves Polly and Waz won Season 4 of The Block. Source: Channel Nine.

In The Block’s first season hosted in Victoria, Polly and Waz became overnight sensations with their banter and loveable personalities. Everyone’s favourite underdogs claimed the win, making a profit of $115,000.

After the show, Waz used the skills he’d picked up to further his career as a territory manager at Dulux. The duo have lived a relatively reno-free life since the show ended and focus their time on raising their two children.

Brad and Lara Cranfield – The Block 2012

Brad and Lara won The Block in 2012. Source: Instagram @bradandlara_theblock

After winning season 5 with a massive $606,000 profit, Brad and Lara relocated to Byron Bay to build their ‘forever’ home – an incredibly stylish Bryon mini mansion! 

The pair are now the owners of two restaurants, The Maryville Tavern in Newcastle and The Holmesville Hotel in Holmesville. They share two adorable kids and Brad works as a real estate agent.

Phil Rankine and Amity Dry – The Block: All Stars 2013

Then-partners Phil and Amity during an interview. Source: Channel Nine.

After missing out on the very first season of The Block in 2003, husband and wife Phil and Amity returned for another shot in the 2013 all-stars season.

Returning once again to Bondi as they had in the first season, they managed to take out the win with a $395,000 profit.

Unfortunately the pair are no longer married, and after their 2019 divorce Amity wrote a cabaret show, Fortified, based on their marriage break up.

Today she continues to write cabaret shows, with her most recent endeavour 39 Forever receiving hit reviews after premiering at the Melbourne Comedy festival, with more shows set for 2022.

Phil, however, has had a slightly more dramatic few years since the show ended. Working as a concert promoter since his win on The Block, he faced 20 counts of taking property without consent with four of those counts aggravated, after a slew of dodgy investment deals and an alleged $5million in theft came to light in 2019.

The case was thrown out by the Magistrate after continued delays in the case, and now Phil tends to keep a relatively low profile.

Alisa and Lysander Fraser – The Block: Sky High 2013

Alisa and Lysandra
Powerhouse twins, Alisa and Lysandra, won The Block 2013. Source: Channel Nine.

Twins Alisa and Lysander Fraser became icons of The Block after their win on Season 7. Not only winning over the nation’s hearts, they also took out the grand prize posting a profit of $395,000.

Today the duo keep themselves busy, running a host of successful businesses including Alisa & Lysandra Interiors, body care brand Al.ive Body, and launching a docuseries The Design Duo detailing their personal renovation projects.

They have two adorable kids each, and detail their ongoing business ventures on their joint instagram.

Steve O’Donnell and Chantel Ford – The Block: Fans vs Faves 2014

Steve and Chanel won the 2014 season of The Block. Source: Nine

Steve and Chantel won The Block: Fans vs Faves in 2014 after going up against some of the shows most beloved ex-stars.

Posting a profit of $736,000, the two used the money to start their own businesses post-Block.

Although they are no longer together, the duo are equally as successful in their own rights.

Steve owns a chimney sweep company (yes, as in Mary Poppins-style chimney sweeps) and Chantel has pivoted from interior design into fashion, and is the owner of the iconically Australian hat and accessories brand Ford Millinery.

Shannon and Simon Vos – The Block: Glasshouse 2014

Shannon and Simon won The Block: Glasshouse 2014. Source: Channel Nine.

After their larrikin antics and light-hearted humour won the affection of viewers, the Vos brothers took out the win in the whirlwind that was season 9, posting profits of $435,000. 

The two still work within the design and building industries, with the pair starting Vos Creative in 2015.

They continue to renovate, for both clients and as personal projects, and document their latest project, cute family snaps, and some cheeky jabs at Scotty via their instagram.

Darren and Deanne Jolly – The Block: Triple Threat 2015

Darren and Deanne won the 2015 season of The Block. Source: Channel Nine

After winning The Block: Triple Threat in 2015 with a profit of a whopping $933,000, Daz and Dea have had a sh*tstorm of a couple of years, to say the least. 

After a messy separation in 2018 Darren admitted his struggled with mental illness at a meeting at the Collingwood AFL Club where he previously played AFL,before taking to Instagram to admit he was in a “dark place” after his marriage, adding: “To everyone who helped put me in that hole, go f**k yourself.”

In early 2020 Darren faced 10 domestic violence charges while Deanne was reported to be facing 2 charges. The nature of which were left undisclosed to the public.

Dean and Shay Paine – The Block: Octagon 2015

Dean and Shay Paine won the 2015 season of The Block. Source: Channel Nine

After taking out the win and a prize sum of $755,000 with their St Kilda Penthouse in 2015, husband-wife duo Dean and Shay Paine have put their planning skills to good use in their multiple business ventures.

The couple started a short-lived renovation web series, and now spend their time travelling Australia with their three kids, documented on their envy-inducing instagram. Shay also runs Earthy Tribe, a holistic group focussed on natural wellness and personal empowerment.

Will and Karlie Bethune – The Block 2016

Karlie and Will won The Block Season 12. Source: Channel Nine.

After winning season 12 of The Block, one of Australia’s favourite Blockhead couples Will and Karlie put their $815,000 profit to good use – by renovating even more properties!

The pair started their brand Karlie & Will in 2017, documenting all their commercial and residential design projects on their site. They currently share one child, and seem to be as loved up as ever!

Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles – The Block 2017

Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles wonThe Block 2017. Source: Channel Nine.

The lovable model-and-carpenter couple, Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles, quickly stole the hearts of viewers on season 13 of The Block. The pair profited $547,000 at the auction.

To everyone’s delight, the duo recently became parents, and announced their engagement earlier this year. They also have a son named Sonny and run J&E Projects, a Byron-based building and design company. How wholesome!

Sara and Hayden Vale – The Block 2018

Sarah and Hayden won Season 14 of The Block. Source: Channel Nine.

After winning Season 14 with a $645,000 profit in one of the most competitive seasons in The Block history, Sara and Hayden Vale have had a whirlwind couple of years.

Initially using the prize money to renovate and sell their current house, Sara and Hayden, a flight attendant and construction manager, respectively, were laid off during Covid.

The pair detailed their struggles on their instagrams, and proudly shared earlier this year that they were back at work!

With an ever-positive attitude the pair pushed through the sh*tstorm that was 2020, and are currently enjoying a quieter life with their two children.

Jess and Luke Struber – The Block 2019

Tess and Luke won The Block in 2019. Source: Channel Nine.

After taking home the win and $730,000 prize money in 2019, Cairns couple Tess and Luke have lived some relatively normal lives.

The pair announced last year they were having a baby, and since have focused on travelling, keeping their blog updated, renovating their dream home (of course), and parenting their adorable baby girl.

Jimmy and Tam Wilkins – The Block 2020

Jimmy and Tam represented Queensland and won The Block 2020. Source: Channel Nine.

After what was easily the most wtf-is-going on season ever, fifties-loving gal Tam and her husband Jimmy took home the win and a $966,000 profit

After picking up the $100,000 the pair became the show’s first ever millionaires – well deserved after Covid halted the show momentarily and caused more confusion than any of the contestants styling choices.

They have since bought a quaint country home – mortgage free – and have been slowly working away on it over the past year. They also currently star on Renovator Rebuild on Channel Nine.

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