In a stress-inducing finale, The Block all-stars Mitch and Mark took out the win at this season’s Fans vs Faves auction, with their home raking in close to $650,000 in profit.

After making close to $500K in profit, all-stars Mitch and Mark win The Block 2021 and take home $744,000 in prize money.
After making close to $500K in profit, all-stars Mitch and Mark win The Block 2021 and take home $744,000 in prize money. Source: Nine.

During Sunday night’s The Block finale, multi-millionaire Danny Wallis (who purchased a total of three homes this series) snatched up the Sydney couple’s property for an oddly specific $4,044,444.44. Having made the most profit of the series with $644,444.44, Mitch and Mark also pocketed a further $100,000 in prize money! Talk about living the dream!

After making close to $500K in profit, all-stars Mitch and Mark win The Block 2021 and take home $744,000 in prize money.
Big spender Danny Wallis snapped up three of The Block 2021 properties. Source: Nine.

Despite this, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for The Block contestants. The episode saw the Blockheads threaten to walk away from auction day after their homes’ reserve prices were much higher than what their agents had originally quoted.

Tasked with deciding the make-or-break auction order, Ronnie and Georgia settled on the homes’ numerical order. This meant they would be first to auction, followed by Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito, Josh and Luke and finally, Kirsty and Jesse.

Keep reading to find out how much this year’s The Block contestants made on their renovations!


Mitch and Mark — House 2

Auction position: Second

Reserve: $3.4 million

Sold: $4,044,444.44

Profit: $644,444.44 + $100,000.00 prize money

Mitch and Mark originally appeared on the show in 2019 when they renovated The Oslo building in St Kilda. That year they earned a tidy $384,000 in profit but ultimately fell to the bottom of the total earnings list.

Returning this year as all-stars, the couple certainly had their eyes on the prize — and boy, did they grasp it with both hands!

“We never had expectations or even hopes for that amount,” Mitch said following their win. “This changes our lives as we’ve got a mortgage that we can’t jump over, but with this prize, we can take a great leap at it now.”

Second Place

Josh and Luke — House 4

Auction position: Fourth

Reserve: $3.4 million

Sold: $3,930,000.00

Profit: $530,000.00

As first-time renovators, Josh and Luke certainly had the most to learn stepping into Bronte Court this season.

But despite a terse relationship with the judges (and authority in general), the twins came to the party with their ultra-modern property. Amassing a healthy profit of over $500k, their earnings will certainly go a long way — especially for Luke, who recently announced he and his fiancé are expecting a baby!

Third Place

Tanya and Vito — House 3

Auction position: Third

Reserve: $3.4 million

Sold: $3,800,000.01

Profit: $400,000.01

Even though their involvement in The Block‘s “biggest cheating scandal” painted them as this season’s villains, Tanya and Vito‘s home certainly found favour with bidders on auction day.

Danny Wallis wasn’t messing around, having also nabbed the Melbourne parents’ eccentric property, which is reportedly being donated to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity, where it’ll be used as accommodation for children battling cancer and their families

Fourth Place

Kirsty and Jesse — House 5

Auction position: Fifth

Reserve: $4.1 million

Sold: $4,401,523.67

Profit: $301,523.67

As this year’s only two-storey property, Kirsty and Jesse were in for a shock when it was revealed their home’s reserve price was $700,000 higher than the other Blockheads’.

Ahead of auction day, the country couple was pegged to be the most likely duo to win due to their property’s spacious and luxurious Hamptons style.

Still, they walked away with over $300k in profit, all thanks to Danny Wallis’ deep pockets!

Fifth Place

Ronnie and Georgia — House 1

Auction position: First

Reserve: $3.4 million

Sold: $3,696,000.00

Profit: $296,000.00

They may have been the most seasoned renovators this year, but unfortunately, Ronnie and Georgia earned the lowest profit of the five homes.

After being rattled by the astronomical reserve prices, the couple were forced to rejig their original auction order, ultimately placing themselves first under the hammer.

Still, the couple can walk away smiling knowing they’ve pocketed some cash, after their first The Block appearance in 2017 resulted in their home failing to reach the reserve.

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