They’re currently blowing the other contestants out of the water on The Block: Fans VS Favourites and Ronnie and Georgia Caceres already have TV opportunities lined up for after the hammer drops on auction day!

Speaking to Women’s Day, Georgia revealed that the couple has plans to star in their own TV show once their time on The Block wraps up. Renovation fans rejoice!

“We’ve got a couple of shows in the works all within the Nine family, so it’s set to be a very busy year for us,” the reality star said.

As for content, Georgia also told the publication that the renovation of their current home could be documented on the small screen.

“We’re currently living in a 100-year-old weatherboard cottage we bought a couple of years ago and it’s in desperate need of a renovation.”

The couple, who first debuted on The Block in 2017, has been working on “bits here and there”, but they’re hoping “to do an amazing extension” on their Perth home.

“That’s something we’re going to document and share along the way, so we’re excited about that.”

The ‘Fans VS Faves’ Feud

One thing we’re sure Ronnie and Georgia are looking forward to is not having to deal with ‘cheaters’ on their own show!

The all-star couple has famously been feuding with teams Tanya and Vito and Josh and Luke in the wake of an explosive cheating scandal on The Block.

Some weeks ago, it was discovered that Houses 3 and 4 had unwarranted access to the production schedule, which detailed when certain rooms were scheduled to be delivered.

Safe to say Ronnie and Georgia were less than impressed with the rule-breakers, who still deny using the embargoed schedule to their advantage.

Due to the unrest in Hampton’s Bronte Court, Georgia anticipates that auction day could be a little uncomfortable!

“I’ve got lots of things I’d like to say to people,” she told Women’s Day. “Josh and Luke and Tanya and Vito? Yeah, dot, dot, dot…

“In the heat of the moment, who knows what could happen?”

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