The Block twins Luke and Josh Packham have been involved in quite the scandal(s) on the show this year, and they just keep coming! 

The twins were spotted going rogue on Instagram, in a video posted to Josh’s story where the pair can be heard calling their co-stars Ronnie and Georgia Caceres cheaters and labelling the whole show a lie!

Josh and Luke Packham slammed their Block co-stars Ronnie and Georgia Caceres on Instragram on Monday. Source: Instagram: @packham_pear.

The plot thickens!

In the thirty second clip of Luke and Josh watching the show, Georgia says: “The cheaters don’t get cabinetry this week.”

Josh was quick to comment on Georgia’s snide remark with allegations of his own: “What are you talking about? Ronnie always asks what was coming up, every Sunday.”

Luke chimed in from the sidelines, “You’re a cheater as well,” and Josh backed up the statement with: “You’re a cheater as well mate.” Juicy!

The name calling comes after the biggest cheating scandal in Block history, which saw Josh and Luke get their hands on a photo of the show’s production schedule, which Ronnie and Georgia said helped the twins win their first challenge.

Fellow Blockhead’s Tanya and Vito Guccione were also involved in the scandal, when Tanya revealed she was actually the one who sent the photo of the production schedule to Josh and Luke!

Is there going to be a THIRD cheating scandal on The Block still to come? *Grabs popcorn!*

The saga continued when Josh posted another video to his Instagram story on Wednesday night, showing a clip of site foreman Dan Reilly having a word with Luke about their builders “going behind their backs,” after they constructed walls for their bathroom that had not been approved.

The saga continued when Josh posted another video to his Instagram story on Wednesday night. Source: Instagram @packham_pear.

Josh commented that while Luke seemed passive during the interaction, “I just want to make this very clear… You just know there’s no point going against the story they’re trying to portray.”

He continued by defending his builders and then added: “It was approved. This is just a massive cover-up. It’s not fair to my builders at all. I won’t have their name run through the mud.”

Josh then accused the producers of making the whole thing up, explaining: “Our builders asked for approval and we gained that approval but the show of course have not given that background information so we’re just made to look as if we’re complaining about something and whinging when that’s not the case.”

Reality TV editing hey!

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