The Block Australia fans were left bored, frustrated and worn out after watching millionaire Danny Wallis purchase multiple homes during the 2022 auctions.

ICYMI: Danny purchased Houses One and Five during the November 6 episode and later closed on a deal with House Two’s Rachel and Ryan Carr after the auction ended.

He ended up being the only buyer, as Houses Three and Four didn’t sell at auction and House Five’s second bidder Adrian Portelli showed no interest in any of the other properties.

danny wallis the block
The Block Australia fans were left bored after watching repeat buyer Danny Wallis purchase three out of the five available houses in 2022. Source: Nine.

Viewers took to Twitter and Facebook to urge Nine to no longer rely on one “celebrity” bidder (Scotty Cam‘s words, not ours!) and begged them to stop stroking his ego on-air.

Why Do The Block Fans Dislike Danny Wallis So Much?

Fans became increasingly frustrated through the final episode, explaining that Danny’s showboating during the auctions ruined the show for them.

Danny constantly fought with the auctioneers and agents, often offering ridiculous bids.

The worst moment is honestly debatable, but our vote is on when he started making bids in 50-cent increments. Although, the moment he turned around to ignore the auction after his low-ball bid was denied was also pretty cringeworthy…

Many other viewers were just infuriated he turned to his dog, Herby, for advice about a multi-million dollar transaction. And really, WTF even was that?!

“Danny needs to go! I can’t stand him and his bidding. It’s not funny. He’s a pest,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

danny dog the block 2022
Fans felt Danny’s showboating during the auctions ruined the show for them. Source: Nine.

They added: “Channel 9 need to change their strategy and stop relying on him to buy the majority of the houses.”

Another agreed, suggesting The Block should change its name to “let’s hope Danny buys them all”.

Others believed his OTT behaviour was indicative of the current national property market, with some exclaiming he was a prime example of why there was a housing crisis for everyday Australians.

Fans also proposed that The Block start focusing on lower-value properties, so somebody other than a few millionaire clients could actually get a chance to buy.

Controversial 2022 Blockhead Sharon Johal Echoes Sentiments That The Block Has Become the “Danny Wallis Show”

Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra were one of the unfortunate teams whose house didn’t take Danny’s fancy, with the couple later going into negotiations with another bidder post-auction.

Speaking to the Herald Sun after the final episode, the former Neighbours actress explained that the The Block 2022 Tree Change was a “flop” because producers turned it into the “Danny Wallis show”.

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“It’s just a shame it was a flop. You go into these things knowing that potentially this could be an outcome for so many of us, but no one could have imagined what happened and it’s a bad taste for everyone who’s worked so hard,” Sharon said.

She added: “It was clear taking on The Block with the magnitude of this size was probably not going to be a successful auction. They need to take it back to basics.”

sharon ankur the block
Ankur Dogra and Sharon Johal (House Three) were one of the unfortunate teams whose property didn’t take Danny’s fancy. Source: Nine.

Sharon seemingly condemned the repeat buyer for mass buying properties due to his “ego”.

“If there was no Danny Wallis, none of those houses would have sold. The first one was between two guys who were bidding against each other and it was ego,” she said of House Five’s record-breaking sale.

Danny Wallis Has Previously Donated The Block Houses to Various Charities

Some long-time viewers were quick to remind new fans that Danny often donates the homes to charity and has previously turned one of his purchases into Ronald McDonald housing.

“No doubt he does good. I believe he gives one home to charity per season, but he profits of [sic] the others I think I read,” one fan replied.

Fans debated whether Danny should be allowed back on The Block in 2023. Source Facebook.

“Which is fine, he owns them. I just find it embarrassing for Channel 9. They treat him like royalty cos [sic] they know without him the show will fail.”

Let’s mix it up a little in 2023, shall we?!

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