The Block 2022 builder Liam has hit back at Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra one last time after the Blockheads’ shed was sensationally left unfinished.

House Three and their trades team have been at odds all season, with several of the builders publicly shutting down Sharon and Ankur’s claims of theft and “laziness”.

During the final week of The Block, things hit a roadblock AGAIN when site manager Aiden said he didn’t expect their property to be finished due to the tradies’ lack of action.

liam the block builder
The Block 2022 builder Liam has hit back at Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra one last time after their shed was left unfinished. Source: Nine.

While the builders alleged that insufficient materials had been provided for the shed to be completed, Aiden denied this.

Now, Liam has given his “only response” to the Stratco shed drama, and boy, it’s a doozy!

“Absolute rubbish,” the chippy penned on Facebook after one fan suggested he “told porkies” to Aiden over the incident.

The Block fan said builder Liam “told porkies” to site manager Aiden. Source: Facebook.

“I’m sick of defending the lies. Straco did not do the brackets nor supply the bracket, even if we were to do it. I was chasing this up [almost] hourly when I realised they weren’t doing it.”

Liam went on to say that limited cladding was all that could be achieved without “horizontal battens” provided.

As for the flashings: “I was with Aiden looking for them when he went through his phone and told me he didn’t order them.

“Then suddenly… they are onsite but can’t tell me where and I couldn’t find them.”

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The Block 2022 Builder Liam Questions Why Sharon and Ankur Didn’t Follow Up on Material Shortages

Unsure why the mistakes are “all on [him]”, Liam questioned why Sharon and Ankur didn’t “chase” up the issues on The Block.

“If I’m so dodgy and untrustworthy, why didn’t they look for it,” he wrote. “Somehow, this house got built with supposed 6 [hour] days.

“Us shonky builders seem to be the only house that didn’t have floor issues or ripping… work down.”

liam builder sharon ankur the block shed
Liam was confused why Sharon and Ankur didn’t follow up on the material shortages if they believed he was so “dodgy”. Source: Facebook.

He then suggested laziness wasn’t at play due to the “mass demo”, “new framing”, and “hugely bigger” rooms in House Three.

“Compare the original sizes of the houses,” Liam concluded. “Look further into the detail of the work.”

All we can say is thank GAWD the auctions are just a mere few days away…

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