The Block 2022 builder Liam has opened up about his time working for Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra, admitting that it felt like the couple was trying to “derail the show themselves”.

As the 18th season of the hit renovation show continues to unfold, so do the scandals with the smoke often coming from House Three.

As previously revealed by So Dramatic!, and shown during the September 26 episode of The Block, Sharon and Ankur claimed that their tradies “f*cked them over” and attempted to steal goods from them.

However, their builders have since come out swinging against the allegations and have blown the lid off a number of other grievances from the set.

Taking to a Facebook group for The Block fans on September 27, builder Liam said tradies don’t get the opportunity to give a “right of reply” or “context” to situations like the contestants do in end-of-day interviews.

And so, the following statement ensued.

He admitted that before filming, the build team was “spun a completely different story by Sharon” about who she and Ankur are, compared to what they “actually saw”.

“As a builder on the show (different to the real world), it is our job to help guide the contestants,” he penned. “Assist with the management and, of course, complete the build.

“Unfortunately, the great work done by all trades has been massively over shadowed [sic] by the drama.”

sharon tradies the block
The “great work” done by the tradies has been “massively overshadowed by the drama”. Source: Nine.

Builder Liam Said The Block 2022‘s Sharon and Ankur Didn’t Pull Their Weight

Liam then said that in choosing the biggest house on this year’s The Block, Sharon and Ankur started on the wrong foot, particularly by spreading their budget incredibly thin.

Using “their words”, he said the couple expressed, “It’s not really a house for a lazy couple that have never done a physical day’s work in [their] life”.

“They would have to work so much harder than the others just to try and level the financial playing field,” Liam confessed. “This did not happen.”

It was suggested that Sharon and Ankur weren’t savvy with their budget, despite guidance from the team. Source: Nine.

The tradesman added that at times, Ankur “did help with the clean up” however, as shown on TV, “rubbish was left in the car for days”.

“I had an apprentice 3 [sic] days a week cleaning — this is all money that could have been saved.”

Liam admitted that Sharon was “almost unapproachable to raise issues with” and that “many things got left unsaid” as the team knew she would act disproportionately.

“We put forward costings to try and help, but it was felt by them that there was an endless budget.”

Builders Allege There Were “Endless Lies On Set” of The Block 2022

As chippy Scotty previously revealed, Liam said the “constant lies” about them not being on-site “is a joke”.

Furthermore, Liam said he would “leave home at 5 am and get home around 9 pm on weekdays” as he wasn’t from the area.

“I never tried to leave early or complained about this,” he confessed. “Signing up to the show, I knew this would be the case, and we had people helping my beautiful wife with the kids as I was never around.

“Even on the last day, my wife went to the hospital to have our 3rd [sic] child, and I went to work instead, staying until after tools down.”

He then admitted that dodgy deals had transpired when it came to the alleged “stolen basins”, which Scotty claimed he had taken home in exchange for knocking dollars off his invoice to Sharon and Ankur.

“Under the table, deals were made only to be reneged on and the items given back, but we lost our arrangement,” Liam said.

He continued: “These are the main things, but there were endless lies on set and then more once aired.

“Even bizarre lies — Shaz told me she won the [wine] labelling challenge and gave me a big [story] about it… Ummm House 2 [sic] won.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Builder Liam Said He “Hopes” to “Never” Meet People Like Sharon and Ankur Again

Revealing that he has “endless stories, lies, photos [and] videos” from the experience, Liam said there’s “so much more to everything”.

“I’ve never met people like this, and I hope I never do again,” he said. “Some things that happened, it was like they were trying to derail the show them selves [sic].”

Liam said he “spent days” fighting on Sharon and Ankur’s behalf; however, only to discover that the duo “had been given info and never passed it on”.

“The old saying you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. Seems these horses couldn’t even be lead to the water,” he admitted.

“In saying this, I loved the crew, the trades, the challenge,” Liam concluded.

liam builder sharon ankurfacebook tell all.jpg
The builder said Sharon and Ankur aside, he enjoyed the experience and the team around him. Source: Facebook.

“I won’t be the scapegoat for your incompetence.”


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