Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra‘s The Block 2022 builders are now being trolled due to their portrayal on the hit renovation show.

House Three and its builders have found themselves amid several heated arguments during the 18th season of the hit reality series.

From Sharon and Ankur’s claims that their tradies are “lazy as*holes” to more serious allegations that they’re thieves, builders Scotty and Liam have copped criticism en masse.

As reported in episode 219 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one of the chippies told host Megan Pustetto that the whole trades team is “being trolled on social media badly”.

“A lot of us have got anxiety over our treatment during the show from Sharon and Ankur,” they revealed.

Adding that the hostility came from “mostly Sharon”, the builder said the lawyer would “send horrible messages at all hours of the day”.

Now, they’re copping it post-show “from the public”.

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Even though The Block newbies alleged that Scotty swindled them and nicked unused basins and tiles, past contestants have defended the “honest” tradie who has been involved in the show twice before.

Former The Block Contestants Defend Builder Scotty Amid Stealing Claims

After Scotty defended himself and his co-builder Liam revealed the truth about their “under-the-table deal” with Sharon, two-time Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia Caceres praised the chippy.

“Just a little shout out to [Scotty] — our good mate and co-builder from last season [2021],” the duo penned.

“Hate seeing Scotty having a hard time of it this season, which is such a stark contrast to our experience as a team last year.”

ronnie georiga the block 2019 builder
Two-time contestants Ronnie and Georgie Caceres defended Scotty on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

They continued by acknowledging that the builders put their lives on hold to assist on The Block and felt “compelled” to give Scotty the recognition he deserves.

Similarly, Andy and Deb Saunders — who hired Scotty in 2019 — said they “hated” watching the builders being torn to shreds onscreen.

“That’s our chippie [sic]!” they penned.

“He is honest, hard-working and genuine.”

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