Two-time The Block stars Ronnie and Georgia Caceres have gone to bat for their former builders, who have come under fire for allegedly stealing from 2022 team Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra.

As previously revealed by So Dramatic! and further expressed on the show, chippy Scotty was accused of nicking tiles and basins from House Three.

This is allegedly in contrast to the true story of an “under-the-table deal” with Sharon, in that he’d take the basins as payment and knock some dollars off his invoice.

ronnie georiga the block 2019 builder
The Block 2019 stars Ronnie and Georgia Caceres have gone to bat for builder Scotty. Source: Instagram.

Now, Ronnie and Georgia — who hired Scotty and his team for the show in 2021 — have taken to Instagram in defence of the tradesman.

“Just a little shout out to [Scotty] — our good mate and co-builder from last season,” the duo penned.

“Hate seeing Scotty having a hard time of it this season, which is such a stark contrast to our experience as a team last year.”

They continued by acknowledging that the builders put their lives on hold to assist on The Block and felt “compelled” to give Scotty the recognition he deserves.

“Scotty, you’re an absolute legend, a meticulous builder with a keen eye for detail and an alright sense of humour,” they wrote.

“Thank you for helping us build winning room after winning room, thank you for the life long [sic] memories and the friendship we forged!”

ronnie georgia chippy scotty
Ronnie and Georgia were “compelled” to give Scotty the recognition he deserved. Source: Instagram.

The Block‘s Ronnie and Georgia Previously Spoke Highly of Sharon and Ankur’s Chippy Scotty

Just hours before the fan-favourite couple sang Scotty’s praises, they left a comment under a recent post by the chippy, where he called out Sharon and Ankur — again.

In the September 27 episode of The Block, House Three were seen calling their build team “lazy assholes” and again claiming they stole from them.

“It’s all been beat up as it seems they wanted to get rid of us for weeks but continued to string us ‘lazy assholes’ along to finish the house so they can get their entitled prize money,” Scotty wrote on Instagram.

Ronnie and Georgia then took to the comment section, wondering, “Wtf?!?”

“Ok, so riddle me this… how can one season ago, as in last year, you’re one of the best builders on [The Block] and now this? I’m sorry, it just doesn’t add up?!?” they penned.

They continued by saying that Scotty is a “bloody hard worker” and is “meticulous” with a “keen eye for detail”.

ronnie georgia chippy
Ronnie and Georgia sang Scotty’s praises on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

2021 contestants Kirsty Lee Akers and Jesse Anderson also called out the unfairness.

“It’s crazy to hear a team talk about their trades in this way,” they said. “Even the one trade we did have that didn’t work out due to personal issues he had going on in his life, we took the blame as we didn’t want them getting a bad reputation.

“This is peoples [sic] livelihoods at the end of the day.”

kirsty jesse the block builder scotty
Kirsty Lee Akers and Jesse Anderson highlighted that these claims can damage a tradie’s reputation. Source: Instagram.

The Block 2019 Contestants Also Backed Chippy Scotty

2019 contender Jesse Raeburn also slid into the comments, highlighting that it’s “common” for tradies to be paid “in items the contestants don’t use”.

“Happened on our season, happens on every season,” he said. “If you were stealing, the producers [or] Block builders would kick you off site [sic] immediately, so that doesn’t stack up.”

jesse raeburn the block
2019 contestant Jesse Raeburn said it’s “common” for tradies to be paid with items not used. Source: Instagram.

Similarly, Andy and Deb Saunders, who hired Scotty for their 2019 The Block build, previously stood up for their chippy.

“That’s our chippie [sic]!” they penned.

“He is honest, hard-working and genuine.”

They concluded by saying they also “hated” the stealing storyline.

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