Celebrity stylist Jamie Azzopardi has revealed more jarring details after being allegedly assaulted by The Challenge Australia 2022’s Suzan Mutesi at a Sydney club in September.

The pair were at an industry event when an altercation allegedly broke out around 9:30 PM.

Jamie reportedly had a glass thrown at him and was scratched by his “celebrity” acquaintance.

Speaking exclusively to Megan Pustetto in episode 229 of So Dramatic! podcast, Jamie revealed how he ended up having the police called on him by Suzan after the alleged attack.

What Happened Between Suzan Mutesi and Jamie Azzopardi at the Industry Event?

The influencer and celebrity stylist – who has worked with the likes of Big Brother’s Imogen Anthony, Married at First Sight’s Selin Mengu, The Block’s Josh and Luke Packham and Love Island’s Anna McEvoyhas known Suzan for around eight years from working in the fashion and media industry.

Jamie had no plans to speak to her at the party as she had ignored him at several other events and had reportedly said something which was anti-LGBTQI+ in nature towards him.

However, he overheard Suzan warning choreographer Dylan Mahoney (who she is rumoured to be in a relationship with) not to trust him after Jamie had a conversation with him.

“Suzan literally beelined through about 100 people to get at him and tell him that I was not to be trusted and he couldn’t talk to me. He was standing not even a metre away from me, super confused,” Jamie recalled.

He continued: “It culminated in me saying, ‘if you have a problem, you can just leave’. Then she said something that really just p*ssed me off, and I turned around and said, ‘look, don’t you have more followers to buy somewhere else?’.”

Socialite Suzan Mutesi Reportedly Threw Her Drink at Stylist Jamie Azzopardi

Following his statements, Jamie turned around to walk away, and Suzan allegedly threw her drink at him.

“I turned around, and then a drink was thrown on my back,” he said. “There was a group of people around me; I heard them all gasp when it happened.”

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Jamie continued: “[That behaviour] is kind of beneath humans, in my opinion. I think we’re better than that.

“I don’t care who you are, where you come from, what your socio-economic background is – I feel like we all learn that’s not acceptable.”

Suzan allegedly threw her drink at Jamie after he told her to “go buy followers”. Source: Instagram.

While Jamie previously alleged that she had been holding an empty glass when he turned around, he claimed on the podcast that she had actually thrown the entire glass in his direction.

Jamie Azzopardi Alleges That The Challenge Australia’s Suzan Mutesi Physically Assaulted Him

Jamie recalled trying to walk away from the escalating situation, but Suzan allegedly followed him and attempted to confront him again.

He described seeing “red” but knew he had to refrain from verbally attacking her.

“It was like, there really isn’t a line that she won’t cross,” he said. “[I told myself], ‘just like hold your cool, no matter what it is that you have to say to her. Say it, get it out. Be articulate, don’t be derogative and keep going.”

Jamie described seeing “red” but knew he had to refrain from verbally attacking Suzan. Source: Instagram.

During the confrontation, Jamie’s friend reportedly had to hold Suzan back as she tried to “claw” at him.

“She kept reaching out, grabbing my arm and scratched me a few times… She said, ‘I’m African. I will go super African on your a*s’,” Jamie claimed.

What Happened After the Confrontation Between Influencer Jamie Azzopardi and The Challenge’s Suzan Mutesi?

While Jamie noted that the injuries he allegedly sustained didn’t draw blood, he did have multiple scratch marks on his arm for several days.

Suzan was subsequently asked to leave the club. She reportedly attempted to tell the bar owner that Jamie had been “racist” towards her, which had sparked her outburst.

She later called the police and made the same allegations.

Jamie received a “weird phone call” from the police the following day, but he could explain what had happened from his perspective, which he claimed was corroborated by CCTV footage and at least six witnesses.

When Megan questioned why Suzan would potentially “incriminate” herself by reporting the incident to the police, Jamie suggested that the influencer was “delusional”.

The police are currently investigating the matter, and Jamie believed there were “still quite a few conversations that need to be had” with relevant parties, including Suzan herself.

So Dramatic! has contacted Suzan for comment.

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